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Stephen Black
I Ate Tiong Bahru 2 crowdfunding page…

physical laborers

black and white image of man dropping vase

Ai Wewei, Yesim Agaoglu, Stephen Black, Eugene Soh collaboration in gallery.sg

Jeff Koons Balloon Dog in SPOKEN

Nhung: Floating

low tech in hi tech

Works created with ink

two men smiling

If one person can be said to symbolize the Tiong Bahru Market, it might be this guy in the hat…

SB & 3D (Why I’m excited to be in Eugene Soh’s virtual gallery project)

THIS post was written before SPOKEN started. SPOKEN is a project I am doing with Eugene Soh, an experiment in which art, text, virtual reality and social media intersect. Learn about SPOKEN here.

To enter gallery.sg and experience SPOKEN, click here.
Here is the extremely short version: from 2002 until 2008 I was involved with a visionary virtual reality project that combined educational practices with gamemaking and multimedia. However, the spiritual captain of the project was part Disney, part Microsoft and part Sex Pistols. An unexpected death, treachery, incompetence, inexperience, bureaucratic boondoggles and more made my life “interesting”… I have pages of notes about the events and the spirit of the times. We were doing things like Youtube and Second Life before they started. The project was so close… and yet so far away. (Actually, now that mobile technology has settled down, I hope that the lessons and products of that experience can be revitalized. But that’s yet another story.)
In 2006, as a way of showcasing our technology,  I entered a gamemaking hackathon. A theme was given on a Thursday morning and the next day at five the results were judged.The theme was something about healthy eating, I think. Working with my programmer in Hong Kong, we made a game in which the viewer learned about the calorie count of certain foods. The player competed with an AI character.  It was fun to do.
However, what I remember most was a team that made an incredible flash game. I don’t remember if they won or not, but I do remember two guys on that team very well. George Parel and Eugene Soh were full of energy, knowledge and bursting with creative ideas.
They still are.
I’ve been lucky to work with George and Eugene on a few projects since then. In 2008 I finally had to put the educational gamemaking project on hold while I waited for a programmer and the mobile device situation to stabilize.I put more time into writing and art projects. George and Eugene (that dude from Singapore) however, have kept on doing remarkably creative things with IT, art, design and more.
Virtual reality may seem to be an artificial place, but the gallery Eugene has created fills me with memories and hope. I am honored and very thankful for I Ate Tiong Bahru to be on display in gallery.sg
IATB in virtual gallery
Cheers, Eugene! Cheers, George!

Ebooks: Born to Click (1 of 3)


This informal essay is my way of marking the end of a certain era in ebook history. It’s part snapshot, part reference materials, part journal.At the end of this post are notes about me, my experiences and my books.
Thanks to Doug Rolph for his insights on economics, Eric Hellman for his input and my dad for having taken care of our family by selling books.

το πνεύμα του Ιανού

After I finish writing eight books, I will begin marketing. Until then, I’ll probably study the ebook world less and hopefully do more writing, arting and engaging with Life. When it does comes time for me to contribute to the marketing conversation, I hope I have something to say. For now, I present the following notes, quotes and thoughts as a means of punctuating a phase in the development of ebooks as I have seen and experienced it.

This is an exciting time. The ebook delivery platforms are finally stable, self-publishing has proven to have great value and a number of services have recently appeared that shorten the distances between readers and authors. It seems to me that indie ebooks and ebook marketing are about to enter a new era.

This blog post makes little mention of traditional publishing. This is simply because, as much as I would like to enjoy the benefits of being a Big 5/6 author, that fruit is not now within my reach. I am however, considering joining the Author’s Guild.

Although I’ve done almost no marketing, I have studied the environments in which ebooks are created, presented, bought and sold. Some observations:

1. Except for uploading, nothing about ebooks is easy.
Writing is the anti-social social media, full of long, long hours of pressure-filled solitude. Assembling an error-free book is never simple. The social part, finding an audience, is an immense challenge. I respect all of the authors mentioned in this post for they have successfully met these challenges and more.

Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.
Stephen King

Based on my experiences, the work breakdown of an 88,000 word novel looks something like this: 1000 words a day (88 days) or, more likely, 500 words a day (176 days). Call it 200 days to prepare something for a proofreader. Two months for corrections, art, and ebook conversion. So, a book takes about 300 working days to finalize. About…
And then there are the thousands of actions needed to connect with readers… The title of Guy Kawasaki’s excellent book says it all: APE, meaning Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur

This document, by Mark Coker, the founder of Smashwords, is a data-based analysis of the ebook market. Highly recommended, it covers topics important for newbies and veterans. It touches upon issues like word count, pricing, marketing and more. For instance, his research shows that the average bestseller on Smashwords is 100,000 words, and the average romance is 112,195 words. (There are more links to resources at the end of this post.)
Very few traditionally published authors became bestsellers; the same is true for ebook publishing. My goal is not to become a bestseller, but to connect with the largest possible community of people who enjoy the art of reading.

2. A great writer or a great marketer…
….or, the frustration of being caught between not doing enough writing and not doing enough marketing. A writer writes, a salesman sells.
Self-publishing does not equal self-marketing. Spending money wisely on promotion money means income and time to write. (See the links below)
Twitter, Goodreads, FB, LinkedIn and blogging? All have their advantages and disadvantages…

3. There are no independent, hugely successful ebook-only self-publishers.
Note: Two days after this post went up, I became aware of this great piece by Dana Beth Weinberg on Digital Book World. Thank you Jacqueline Church!

Amazon is huge, Apple is huge, Kobo and Smashwords are very big. Unless you are selling from your own website or the back of your car, you’re not truly independent.

OK, A bit of an attention grabber there…but the author’s need for a partnership with Amazon and ebook distributors is a dependence that cannot be overlooked. These “automatic partners” will always protect their interests first. They call the shots. Amazon is a business, not an author.

Amanda Hocking is a hugely successful author. At one point, the average daily sales figure of her self-published ebooks was 9000. Again: average DAILY book sales: nine thousand! Her success was based on hard work, technological first mover advantage and an indirect tie-in with Hollywood.
-the successful and pioneering integration of ebook readers into tablets and mobile as well as the launch of the Kindle (2007) and the iPad(2010)
-the large demographic of young women who bought readers and tablets
– the fact that, having written many books, Hocking could quickly provide a new and large market with a variety of new titles
– writing books about the paranormal when Hollywood is pushing the same cannot hurt. Twilight, the hugely successful series of movies about teen vampires began in 2008. Hocking’s first book, My Blood Approves, began selling in 2010.

E.L. James’ book phenomenon began in the fan fiction chat rooms for Twilight. The characters in Fifty Shades of Grey were originally the characters from Twilight. Could Master of the Universe, as her series was originally called, have achieved its success without an existing network of thousands of Twilight fans?

These two women made their mark upon society in two different ways. As shared, collective book-based experiences: WOW!
However, the writing is…”not terrible” or worse

I remember SF/F authors complaining (back in 2011) that their readers hadn’t switched to e-books yet, casting jealous eyes at the outsized romance audience. But as readers did move across, we saw people like David Dalglish and BV Larson breaking out, and the rest of “genre” fiction soon followed.

There are “indie success stories” about authors who “rode into town” on the backs of traditional publishing. Funded by Big 6 money these “indies” were advertised and publicized, sent on book tours and given things like business cards. Possibly, audiobooks were made. Hundreds, if not thousands, of their books were given away, many to reviewers.
As the ‘first mover’possibilities of the ebook market became clear and realistic, these authors, knighted by the Big 6 and armed with credibility and connections, rode onto a battlefield with little opposition… Undoubtedly hard work was involved, but to label them as indies brings to mind the quip about George Bush: “…was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple.”

There certainly are “ebook only” indies connecting with many readers and enjoying sales. I just don’t know of any. (FOUND SOMEONE: LINDSAY BUROKER Please tell me about others! them! Somewhat related to this, are there any “ebook only” awards?

Here, authors talk about their sales experiences.

4. The ebook world evolves to reward the reader; the prepared author benefits from this.
Fan fiction. Goodreads. Ebook readers on mobile phones. The mashup between big data and metadata. Entrepreneurs with vision who see ways to connect authors and readers in a new ways.

It is an exciting time.

Ebooks: Born to Click, Part 2 of 3

visit www.blacksteps.tv for parts 2 and 3 of this post, as well as information on art, books and ebooks


Goldrush became 3how/Singapore and Singapore Art

I wanted to publish this in 2008 or so. The working title was Goldrush, but then I thought I would indulge in a little positive chaos and use the same name as the theatre/music project I started with Amith Narayan, 3how.

Bali Wave Ghost: story summary, reviews and feedback


His wife was one of the victims of the Bali Bombing and now, twenty years later, Odie is back. He decides to abandon his career as a reality TV star and begin a new life on the Island of the Gods. The demons of his past and a dangerous love affair soon combine with a medication problem to make Odie’s inner world as unpredictable as Bali itself.

The beaches of Sanur, the ricefields of Ubud, the nightlife of Kuta and local warungs are the settings for Odie’s encounters with expats, locals and tourists. Written in Black’s dynamic, darkly humorous style, Bali Wave Ghost is a lyrical blend of romance, drama and history.

NOTE: Bali Wave Ghost was completed on December 25, 2015 and is only now (February 5, 2016) being sent out for review copies.

” …this may well be a mad work of genius or a work of mad genius… In a way it reminds me of Einstein’s Dreams, another short novel that’s a classic… What category do you put it in? I’d say literary, with a touch of experimentalism.”

Richard E. Lewis, a lifelong Bali resident and the author of Bones of the Dark Moon, a bestseller in Bali. Mr. Lewis also wrote The Killing Sea, published by Simon and Schuster.

The following originated as a LinkedIn post by Lee A Meiser.

Bali Wave Ghost by Stephen Black

“This novel is a psychodramatic love story set on the Island of the Gods (Bali) in the year 2022. It is intended to be entertaining, informative, musical, and thought-provoking. I hope you find the characters interesting . . . The writing of this book began in Sanur, Bali in the summer of 2012 and was completed in Ubud, Bali in December 2015 . . . Concepts like Fate, language, technology, and crime crash against each other, recede and then crash again. BaliWave Ghost surfs between East and West, North and South and spirituality and materialism.”

This novel is not for the faint of heart. There was a bombing in Bali in a place named “The Sari Club” in 2012, in which 202 victims died. Mr. Black takes on the persona of a first-person widow, named “Odie,” who lost his wife, “Kathleen” in this blast. “The demons of his past and a dangerous love affair soon combine with a medication that make’s Odie’s world as upredictable as Bali itself.”

“The beaches of Sanur, the ricefields of Ubud, the nightlife of Kuta, and the local warungs (eateries) are the settings for Odie’s encounters with expats, locals, and tourists. Written in Mr. Black’s dynamic, darkly humorous style, Bali Wave Ghostis a lyrical blend of romance, drama, and history.”

The novel describes Odie’s love of the Balinese people, his descent into despair, and his eventual friendships with unique people on the island: a lover named, “Francesca,” a surfer named, “Will Sun,” a backpacker named, Sarah, and multiple locals. It feels as lush as the frangipani flowers Black describes and at the same time out of bounds with the descriptions of desperate thoughts and retorts.

If you are easily offended, Bali Wave Ghost is not for you; if, however, you care for an insider’s look at Bali, the novel would interest you. I have known Stephen Black for more than 10 years via LinkedIn. He gave me the best advice when I began writing for myself: Start with Draft #50 and keep going until you have reached Draft #1. Great advice Stephen: I believe you followed it when you wrote Bali Wave Ghost.

Lee A.

Editor and writer

“Henry Miller is alive and well and living in Bali!”

-Diego  Lopez, Publisher of Nusa magazine/founder of Nusa surfwear

Bali Wave Ghost takes a dizzying, terrifying dive into a hidden heritage filled with the scent of frangipani and pure pleasure.”
Julie O’yang, novelist, screenwriter, visual artist www.julieoyang.com
 From an email correspondence with Hitoshi Wada:
“How beautiful your sentences are.”

Artist, writer and producer, Stephen Black wrote Bali Wave Ghost during his four year stay in Bali. Please poke around www.blacksteps.tv to learn more about his other books, artworks and music/video/VR/game projects.

Following is a 2016 review of I Ate Tiong Bahru, another bookby SB. plans are now being made for a crowdfunded sequel called I Ate Tiong Bahru 2.

ArtReview Asia review of IATB




Bali Wave Ghost and the Bowie line (editions)

This post uses bullet points to document the first published copies of Bali Wave Ghost. At this point, I am a one man show; this post is meant as advertising and promotion. I wrote BWG in a state similar to a feverdream. I hacked a path through the jungles of ‘good storytelling’ and ‘art for art’s sake’. I got lost successfully.But now that the writing has been performed and become an object, I must do my best to share it. Sell it. So….

  1. http://www.theguardian.com/books/2009/jun/04/ulysses-sells-record-price
  2. http://www.peterharrington.co.uk/authors/jack-kerouac/
  3. book signing

    Balinese artist Made Baya and Stephen Black

    There are eight copies of Bali Wave Ghost that have been signed by Made  and SB.Made is represented by Tony Raka Gallery. How an image from Made’s installation made it onto the cover is another story and requires a separate blog post. This blog post describes Christmas 2015, the day that Made and SB signed the books. This text appears on the title page:

  4. Cover image: Memory, Hidden History and Legacy of the New Order, mixed media kinetic and video installation (2015) by Made Bayak, used with permission of the artist and Tony Raka Gallery. Copyright Made Bayak
  5. Alternative approaches covering a story with paper

    Bali Wave Ghost covers as of December 18, 2015. The image of the coffee chef features Bhimo from Kangen

    All of the copies of BWG with the covers above contain the following passage, spoken by a character named Bile: “Innocence and rebellion, that’s what I miss the most. We believed music was an art form, one truly capable of restructuring society. Knocking some sense into it… Or at least poking it in the eye. Now, that spirit has vanished and commercialism is unchallenged. Iggy’s doing cabaret in Vegas. The German communes are geriatric centers. Bowie’s now in intensive. I have it on good authority that Keith wears diapers. Charlie plays drums like he’s knitting a sweater. And poor Mick…”

While I was in Yangon, the death of David Bowie occurred; the topic for another blog post.Fifty digital copies of BWGwere printed with the following: “Innocence and rebellion, that’s what I miss the most. We believed music was an art form, one truly capable of restructuring society. Knocking some sense into it… Or at least poking it in the eye. Now, that spirit has vanished and commercialism is unchallenged. Iggy’s doing cabaret in Vegas. The German communes are geriatric centers. I have it on good authority that Keith wears diapers. Charlie plays drums like he’s knitting a sweater. Poor Mick… And Bowie…”

When I start a Word document, I label it  as 50. Then, with each revision, I decrease the number, aiming for 1. The Yangon documents were labeled Bali Wave Ghost 23. The number of the edition can be found in my foreword. Although these versions were proofread and edited, the spacing is less than ideal. The offset size will be A6, the same size as I Ate Tiong Bahru. The spacing and line breaks will be meticulously chosen

6. The novella version, about 50 digitally printed:

Bali Wave Ghost

Bali Wave Ghost, novella version

7. I don’t think this cover appeared on any printed books…

minimalist book cover

8. This was a test, only one made. This is A6. The contents are reversed, meaning the book has to be read from back to front. This was a mistake on the part of the printer, one of the reasons why being that the pages are not numbered.

minimal design for a book cover

8. Experimental version of BWG

9. Three or four copies were made with this cover:

IMG_1966 - CopyMAYBE ok

10. One of countless non-bound printouts:
sb with draft of BWGFinally, I should mention that the book is set in the year 2022, which will be twenty years after the Bali Bombing. According to Bowie’s will, his ashes are to e scattered over Bali. This fact may be worth a line or two: I have a some flexibility until the file is sent for offset…

SB Projects at the start of the Year of the Monkey (February 2016)

So… recent projects, soon to be completed projects,projects that have been on hold. Challenges and dreams.

I Ate Tiong Bahru 2
Yes, the sequel to I Ate Tiong Bahru has been one of the projects simmering on the back burner…It is very very likely I will do a Publishizer project once I examine all the pieces that are nearly in place. Once concern is that many of the people who seem to have enjoyed the original book are of an age and lifestyle that don’t involve Paypal and that sort of thing. Plus, with the sequel, I’d really like to connect with those who may be comfortable speaking in a Chinese dialect. Any thoughts are welcomed!
priest painting the sky

I Ate Tiong Bahru Audiobook
Really…this could go live any day!
ArtReview Asia review of IATBcover of Artreview Asia
I have Tiong Bahru mapped out, as well as Bali, Yangon and a surprise or two.

Bali Wave Ghost
After three years+ of doing the starving artist thing,it’s time to work on the net net and synergize so as to secure maximum ROI.
Bali Wave Ghost in a Periplus bookstore

SPOKEN needs to increase its audience…it really is an incredible piece of work:a virtual gallery built by Eugene Soh and filled with contributions from an extremely diverse collectino of artists and writers.

two male avatars in a very red gallery

Stephen Black and Eugene Soh offering guests a drink in the virtual lobby of gallery.sg, the location for the SPOKEN exhibition

I recently spent almost ten days in Yangon. I created images with a digital camera. I would like to exhibit them and create a book.The images use Yangon as a starting point…
airline map sing to Rangoon

I Ate LaPhet Thoke
Conceptual art meets culinary research. A booklet co-created with Sayuri Okayama.
IMG_3604 la phet thoke in styrofoam w Joe 19th st

Beach Road
This 360VR movie also needs to find a bigger audience.

360 video still from Beach Road

The Independent Archive in Singapore

Towards a New Cinematography
Have been thinking a lot and soon will put pen to paper, digital style.

plus another project or five…

Go Big or Go Home… selling a million copies of Bali Wave Ghost (at least)

Reviews and a plot summary of Bali Wave Ghost can be found here.

Eat Pray Love sold millions of copies, thanks to product tie-ins. Stephen Black: I believe at least a million copies of Bali Wave Ghost can be sold by applying the lessons provided by Eat Pray Love. Home Shopping Network, here we come, with positive, fair trade and green products!


Bali Wave Ghost is a good book. Two very positive blurbs so far and test sales in Bali have been very encouraging.
Bali Wave Ghost is comparable to, but different from, Eat Pray Love, which was also set in Bali. A 2010 article:Former Forbes reporter Lauren Streib has an excellent piece on The Daily Beast about the cottage industry that has sprung up around Eat Pray Love (the book and the movie). She estimates that the franchise is worth $350 million. She basis her estimate on the fact that the book has sold 9 million copies generating $135 million in sales not including sales of a movie tie-in version of the book which is currently a best seller.

Bali Wave Ghost in a Periplus bookstore

The son of a successful book salesman, who has been, among other things, the head of Fox television’s on –air promotions for Japan, I have international experience with promotion, especially video and grass-roots networking. Additionally, I have access to printers, distribution and storage.

Social media, targeted ads and niche groups for readers create inexpensive and effective ways to sell to readers. SB/Book Merah already has established a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Goodreads as well as a blog, blacksteps.tv A five part interview has already been shot in video by Aquiles Ascencion and editing is under way, performed by Start Rankin, the former chief editor of Turner Broadcasting/CNN in Hong Kong.

A Bali Wave Ghost speaking tour is being planned(via MeetUp and other online resources) in Bali, Singapore, Tokyo, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Cleveland OH, Columbus OH, Toledo OH, Detroit MI, Chicago IL and Milwaukee WI. Additionally, every effort will be made to participate in the Ubud Writers Festival ,the Singapore Writers Festival and the Word Forward/Lit Up Festival, which I participated in twice previously.

VoiceMap support. Negotiations are now under way for a Stephen Black series of audio tours, starting with Tiong Bahru(Singapore), followed by the Kampong Glam area(Singapore), Yangon (Myanmar) and Bali.

Synergy of other Book Merah products and projects. Other titles by Book Merah include: Obama Search Words, Furikake, Bus Stopping and I Ate Tiong Bahru. No serious marketing has been done for any of these books. The softcover version of IATB has sold well over 1000 copies. In Singapore, 2000 copies sold is considered a bestseller. A sequel to IATB is now underway.

Audiobook support. Voiced by Singaporean/Hollywood talent Mirai Booth-Ong, the audio version of IATB will be online soon. An audiobook of Bali Wave Ghost will be produced. The immediate target for these projects is the airline industry, where travel-oriented audio books are common.

Art world VR movie support. An exhibited artist, Stephen Black has connections and possibilities within the art media journalistic community. The present cover features a work by Made Bayak, who is represented by Tony Raka Gallery (Bali).
Cottage Industry Tie-Ins/Merchandising Once BWG gains traction, tours, hotels, spas and services will be given the opportunity to share and build the audience. Discussions have already started with a Singapore-based perfume company with branches in Seoul and Dubai. A Bali Wave Ghost logo will be developed.

Commitment. When I began writing books in 2007, I made the decision to not to do any marketing, for several reasons, including the fact that successful marketing and sales are full time jobs . I decided to wait until I had completed eight books. With Bali Wave Ghost, I am ready, ready to sell at least a million copies. My goal is make enough money that I can help others as well as go back to being a starving artist, but without the starving part.

Stephen Black January 21, 2016

Yangon Notes (3 of 9)

This gallery contains 21 photos.

Second day: morning walk on one of the alleys off of Insein Street. Pancakes and tea. Back to hotel, off to find printing area. Was told there were many shops around 31st St. Had no address and walked around in … Continue reading

Yangon Notes 1 of 9 (night)

Cool weather. At twilight we walked down Insein Road. We discovered Sergio, who gave us directions to the train. We had a beer and I broke the Bowie news to him. The grey darkness with punctuations of food stalls. Trishaws. A Korean/Japanese supermarket where the all-girl staff exploded with a greeting. Bought mochis and looked at purses. It was getting late and we decided to take a taxi. 5000kyat to 19th Street. No Joe, No Joe, No Joe. Found a phone and made contact;got an address. Again, no Joe. Phone again. Address and the info that he was upstairs. Joe was getting a massage with his business colleagues. We waited across the street and then they came over. Talked about one of the times Joe almost ran out of air. Beer and laphet toke.
The very loud, very terrible music and speeding through Yangon.
There is a law that says the AC must be on if there are foreigners in a car? All three us trying to pull up the window. Rangoon, Yangon, Yangoon, Yangoo?

IMG_3531scc xmas tree mother and child photo

IMG_3535 scc mochi in hand on street

IMG_3547 scc bus abstract yellow

IMG_3607 scc shipcleaning video

IMG_3604 la phet toke in styrofoam w Joe 19th st

IMG_3586 scc Joe peace sign

IMG_3557 scc trail of lights dark shadow woman

IMG_3580 mother and child  night market father

Myanmar Notes:1/9

Smooth flight on a new plane. Crusing at 40,000 feet. Joe said the taxi to the hotel would cost 4000 kyat. Guy who approached us said 5000; a difference of a dollar, I think. That was acceptable.We waited while he got the car. The antiseptic smell of betel nut. First thing in the taxi he asks us if we need a driver, says we need a driver. I know where this is leading; he’s gonna quote us a surprise amount when we get out. He stops to buy gas. The hotel driveway. He says 5000 kyat per person and says we agreed upon that at the airport. He is not happy when I say I want to respect him and that the quote from my Myanmar friend (Joe, a former taxi driver in Rangoon) was for 4000. I want to discuss, he wants to argue and point fingers. “Don’t pay!” he says and curses us in Burmese. We don’t pay. of course, and feel uncomfortable… but what can we do?

The hotel is peaceful and clean; we are happy to be here.Two Japanese magazines in the lobby;in our room a Sony flat screen TV and a Panasonic air conditioner.The hotel owner teaches us how to say ‘thank you’…I’ve already forgotten.
parking lot encounter

airline map sing to Rangoon
blue fence static constructionwelcome to Yangonstreet scene hite long sleeved shirt man

Bruce Quek at the Independent Archive, January 4, 2016

Singaporean artist Bruce Quek presenting a review of his work at the Independent Archive. Video documentation of Bruce’s talk can be viewed at The Independent Archive

an explanation

Bruce Quek making a point during his presentation at the Independent Archive in Singapore.

lecturing and gesturing

Artist Bruce Quek presenting his work at the Independent Archive in Singapore on january 4, 2016

Bali Wave Ghost video interview with Stephen Black (test)

This is an excerpt from a twenty minute video interview. It is not edited and titles will be added later.(It’s a test.)

Bali Wave Ghost:Interview with Artist/writer Stephen Black

Director/cameraman: Aquiles Ascension
Sound recordist: Fadri Pinosch

Producer: Sayuri Okayama
Editor: Stuart Rankin

Filmed in Penastan, Ubud, Bali

Stephen Black: www.blacksteps.tv
Aquiles Ascension: www.aquilesascension.com

Copyright 2016 Aquiles Ascension/Stuart Rankin