10 Trial Balloon Sentences

A project is forming; for now...

  1. The musical similarities between Love Me Tender and O Tannenbaum. 
  2. Maybe I should have been nicer to him.
  3. 9:30: rats, great champagne and a column on the stage.
  4. Money Changes Everything. A million hugs and all that.
  5. A painting of Daniel Webster was in the blast; his face became papery fragments that were later picked from the rubble with tweezers.
  6. No millionaires in the front row, no video screens anywhere.
  7. Thursday Afternoon, computer keyboard noises, and doors that bang shut; the elements composing the musical theme of this subterranean, very air-conditioned concrete room.
  8. The Dragon Cafe is surprisingly expensive: the raisin roll was $HK11, compared to the nearby Pie and Tart shop, which charges $HK18 for a huge lemon raisin roll and a cup of yuangyang.
  9. A perfect note, ten seconds long, and sung from a garbage can. 
  10. Woodstock.
Money Changes Everything
zashi no namae? writer wa?

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