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BLAM ! Bubiko Foodtour on the road!

UPDATED: http://www.blacksteps.tv/the-greatest-ar-tour-in-history/

Bubiko's schedule has been changing very rapidly in the past few days. Here is the latest:

Austin Startup Week: September 22-25 attendee

London: presentations date to be determined

Berlin: presentations date to be determined

Munich: presentation at Open Augmented Reality Cloud Symposium Oct 16

Munich: attending AWE October 17/18

Turin attending View October 21-24

Paris: presenting at PARIS October 25


MIT Attending ARIA, where I presented this year

SXSW2020 Attending, Sayuri Okayama and I are possible presenting:  SB Proposal SO Proposal 

Shenzhen, China: March presenting at Trouble Maker      my article about Shenzhen

Singapore: Biennale November 22, 2019, through March 22, 2020

Shenzhen: March 28/29 attending AWE China

Tokyo: April Tama Art University

Ashiya, Japan: April date to be determined


Bubiko is a little chef who has been having some exciting adventures in AR, Augmented Reality. Bubiko was born at Novaby and made her public debut at Tech in the Tenderloin.

Bubiko, in Detroit, thinking about her pierogi : steamed or fried?

Stephen Black is a writer, a visual artist and marching along the path of Spoken Word.

Ar entrepreneur Stephen Black interview
Kevin Turley, from Mount Bonnell Media, interviewing Stephen Black at SXSW2019. The video is here.

This post is exploratory.

Stephen Black and Bubiko Foodtour are now looking for opportunities to make presentations, or do collaborations with musicians, artists, writers or AR practitioners in these cities.

(BLAM is also a reference to SLAM: Simultaneous Localization And Mapping, a process associated with AR.)

Stephen Black has given presentations at Sasin School of Business, MIT Media Lab, Hong Kong PolyU, TechCrunch Shenzhen and the Collider at Alitimetrik (Detroit). This post is about his projects and this post is about Bubiko's.

What we hope to do, are open to:

  1. Find AR collaborators. Do you have an AR software that could use a cute little chef? (Bubiko has been in Facebook Spark and Facebook Camera projects, as well as an AR game demo made by Dominique Wu from Hummingbirdsday Studios. Two projects using Artive are here and here.
Image from game demo by Dominique Wu and Michael Stragey.
Bubiko's book is available on Amazon.

2. Consultations regarding AR, or projects needing a producer.

3. Meeting with galleries regarding an AR exhibition. Stephen Black curated SPOKEN with pioneering AR artist Eugene Soh.


4. Meetups/ presentations about AR and its relationship with bicycles, Autonomous Vehicles, traffic and more. This presentation has been updated:

Autonomous Vehcles and Augmented Reality from stephen black

5. Readings: topics include Bali, Obama, Furikake, Singapore, Art and more. Fact-based poetic fiction...

a guitarist and a reader onstage
Stephen Black reads from Bali Wave Ghost, accompanied by Rizal Abdulhadi

6. Would be happy to chat with publishers about writing projects, cross-promotion, printing and distribution.

7. Publicity: any contacts with podcasters, bloggers ,newspapers, magazines etc. greatly appreciated.

Augmented Reality in Asia
article about Stephen Black, Sayuri Okayama and Bubiko Foodtour in Ipoh, Malaysia.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Stephen Black and Bubiko Foodtour

AR + Tour de France Notes

I am now working on a book about AR, roads and transportation. The following is from a section about AR and the Tour de France.

Hello reader.


In Spring of 2019, I was excited to discover that the world of cycling had a growing number of AR apps and products. Excited because, previous to these discoveries, I could only find three successful examples of AR.

The first was Pokemon Go but, as huge as it was, it created the misleading impression that AR was only for games. Next: 19 Crimes, an Australian wine company that achieved massive success largely due to their series of AR "living wine labels”. The third example was Ikea, whose AR app allowed buyers to "insert" digital models of furniture into their real homes, so as to visualise the ideal purchase.

Also, there were many exciting AR projects in medicine and industry, but these uses required expensive viewing devices, like the Hololens.

So, when I discovered cycling goggles with AR functionality? Great! An AR app that allowed users to customize a bike and then order it? Yes! An AR bike repair manual? Yes, again! These  simple uses were practical, but with hints of openness, adventure and excitement. Vitality!

By July 2019, when I gave a presentation at the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (GOBA),  I thought I had discovered all that there was in the world of (AR +bicycles). I invented the word “arbicle”, defined as bicycle devices utilizing AR. I learned that the safest, most successful AR/bicycle interactions would require an AR network that includes vehicles, drivers, pedestrians and everything connected with roads. I began a book about bikes and AR.

And then I thought I had a good idea. To break up all of the technical ideas, and to inject some excitement into the book, I decided to write about futuristic uses of AR in the Tour de France. I came up with ideas like “fatigue hawks”, “blood hawks” and “wind hawks", terms that would be applied to specialized data scientists who coached cycling teams.


After writing a  blog post about “fatigue hawks” and then writing about theoretical uses of AR at the Tour de France, I discovered the NTT website, outlining what they had done for the 2019 Tour de France, and what their future plans were.

Although the NTT website doesn’t use exciting names like “blood hawks”, they do use data in exciting ways, especially in the areas of data collection/processing, AR, 3D mapping and AI. NTT is making media history. Pioneers, they are leaving the safe continent of broadcast television to venture into the uncharted islands of billions of mobile devices.

NTT’s advancements will continue to have huge effects upon the Tour de France and beyond. Much more info at https://hello.global.ntt/en-us/tourdefrance

And no, NTT is not sponsoring this (nor is anyone else). Having said that I would be happy to write about NTT's London headquarters, or their facility dedicated to the Tour de France, in Mulhouse, in eastern France.