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Cap’n Blog (FaceReplaced beta test)

Thanks to Catchar, I discovered the FaceReplaced app. I installed and in less than 5 minutes had a very interesting little video. The following gives you an idea of what FaceReplaced can do but, yes...I hope you are viewing this on a mobile phone, as it seems to be upside down. This is a normal little hiccup for an app in beta. THIS BUG HAS BEEN FIXED.

Cap'n Blog be a wishin' you and yours a happy and hearty day.

FaceReplaced works exceptionally well, with no installation friction, and almost no learning curve.

I am now thinking of a way to get Bubiko in FaceReplaced, so that she can read sections from her book about AR. The challenge is that Face Replaced works best with real 3D objects, and at the moment, I only have Bubiko in 2D (paper) or as a digital adventurer in 2D videos and photos.

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A Few Questions about GeoPose

My friend Stuart Rankin, from Six Cat Studios, asked me the following questions about GeoPose. Not sure of the answers, I turned to the OARC, the Open Augmented Reality Cloud. I soon received the following reply from Christine Perey, one of the forces behind the OARC. Thanks to both Stuart and Christine!

How will GeoPose deal with two objects on the other side of the world? 
- each and every real person, place and thing can have a GeoPose at any moment in time. For digital objects or models, a GeoPose can be specified for one point (an anchor)
- two or more objects can calculate properties between themselves (e.g., distance, orientation) based on their GeoPose.

If this information does not match the question you had in mind, let me know. The point to keep in mind is that GeoPose are unique, so the locations and number of objects in your question would determine the number of GeoPose.

Does the theory of relativity have an effect (like it has with GPS)?
- Great question. It seem so, and this point will be further analyzed.

Does it account for things that are supposed to be still, changing. like with an earthquake for example  or shifting continents ?
- we have not yet decided if there will be one universal coordinate reference system (unlikely) and how we will deal with ones that are not well defined or per.
- you might want to study this wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ECEF

Who decides where point 0,0,0 is  (above)?

What happens when companies or countries reject the standard because they want to use their own which they think is better or provide political benefit or commercial?

- there will not be interoperability and the services will be confined to “walled gardens” just like mobile phones were in the earlier generations.

So there you have it. If you are serious about the future of AR, do join the OARC and follow their work on developing GeoPose. AND...check out the Open Geospatial Consortium!

These blog posts provide additional information:

Rochester, New York (early 2020)

I have had friends in Rochester since I went to RIT. I go back when I can, maybe once every ten years. This year I was fortunate to visit twice.

Paul by Peggi's table
Trees and snow
Russ's tree by the tracks
Valentine's Day at the Little
Dan, where the subway was.
from a class project celebrating "creative failure"
Faulkner's Mississippi, with photographs by William Eggleston
Scandy volumetric image of a sculpture 1
Scandy volumetric image of a sculpture 2
One of several videos shot in Manhattan, edited in Rochester; music by Margaret Explosion.Concept: Daniel Bainbridge.
The atmosphere of the Lower East Side, on a screen at Visual Studies Workshop. Hopefully this event can happen in April. This post gives a taste of the event.
Patrick Moschiano

I took quite a few notes while in Rochester; maybe a story, maybe a poem. This post is about Scorgie's, Rochester's answer to CBGB's.

As for these images, I'm thinking of making prints.