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the bestselling book, I Ate Tiong Bahru: “Unlike anything else I’ve read…”

i ate tiong bahru is a dynamic little book full of warmth, humor and facts. This blog post includes a free short story and many short videos about Tiong Bahru. Continue reading

Espresso, Dub and the Slayer 2.0

A master espresso maker… Continue reading

Bubiko Foodtour’s Unusual Guide to Augmented Reality

Bubiko has paid her dues in the world of AR, and shares what’ she’s learned about Augmented Reality.
This post is a generous sampling from her guide. Continue reading

Bubiko and the Pierogi

Bubiko’s guide to AR is now available on Amazon! Bubiko is a little chef from Thailand. Her favorite food is mango sticky rice, and her favorite expression is “Aroi mak mak”, which means very delicious in the Thai languge. Sayuri … Continue reading


Arbicles are pieces of bike equipment which have partial or total AR functionality. Continue reading

A ball hit a mask

A writing experiment/draft about John Cusack’s recent visit to Toledo, my recent visit to Toledo, art, the entertainment industry, the Cubs and Indians World Series, my mom and dad, surrealism and stuff like that. YOU ARE WELCOME TO READ THE … Continue reading

ARphabet Tour: Readings and Writing Workshop

Hi! There will SOON be a new Indiegogo campaign for the ARphabet Tour. All of the sections of the ARphabet Tour are explained here. Writing Workshops After years of writing and self-publishing books, including the best selling i ate tiong bahru, … Continue reading

AR as Blockchain: an eye-opener

My limited understanding of blockchain is that it is decentralized. My experiences with AR have given me the impression that AR is also a decentralized technology, though mobile phone makers can be said to be an international cartel of sorts. … Continue reading

Bubiko Foodtour Update: August 23, 2017

In June 2017, public actions began for Bubiko Foodtour, a character who will soon be appearing in AR(Augmented Reality). These actions involve networking, photographing Southeast Asian foods for a Bubiko Foodtour book project and informing the general public about the … Continue reading

Foreign Search Engine: Dorya Glenn

The Picture of Dorya Glenn is a collaboration between Chinese novelist/artist Julie O’Yang and Belgian photographer Filip Naudts. Full of layers, the story, at its core is this: A writer has created Dorya Glenn, a character from another time who … Continue reading