Amazon Book Reviews: Different Presentations to Different Countries?

If you think that Amazon posts the same reviews, and the same number of reviews for each book, think again... OK, all of this first happened before I had coffee. Now, twelve hours later, I can tell you the following pieces of information are  worth writing about...
  • There are now only two reviews displayed on the Singapore Amazon page, which I think is the same as the UK Amazon page..
  • If you notice, on some of the pages it says, below the star rating chart, there is a sentence written in green: Published on that seems obvious, so there must be something I' m missing. I mean, if I am on the Amazon page and I see the review, it is published on Amazon. com, correct? But then why does that green sentence NOT appear on the Singapore page? (Which only has two reviews?)
  • At one point this morning, the score was: Canada 3, USA 2, UK 2, Singapore 2... these "scores" were all tabulated at almost the same time... And not all of the reviews were the same. I think maybe six people have written reviews in total, but I have yet to see them all displayed on the same page.
  • 13548828_10157031666075125_1006338799_o 13524140_10157031694765125_1438300248_o 13555991_10157031666070125_619470784_o
  • Stralia! The Australian Amazon page shows no "star" reviews, but has two reviews, one for four and the other for five stars....And, from the screenshot below, it seems that an individual country, in this case Australia, does not use the yellow bars of the star system unless the review was posted on that country's site.... To put it another way, reviews  show up definitely on the Amazon page of the country from which the review was sent. But Amazon's algorithms may not share that post internationally and equally.
13392157_654679868020560_3445337553130063924_o So there ya gooo A big thank you to Stuart Rankin! Oh yeah! Bali Wave Ghost is here...and there are plenty of posts about it on this blog, as well as a link to a video interview. And if you would like to get a free ebook of Bali wave ghost, click here... Don't get me started on the way that this WordPress version presents lists...99% of WordPress is fantastic, but lists and numbering...    

2 thoughts on “Amazon Book Reviews: Different Presentations to Different Countries?”

  1. Just had to leave a note that this post was not understandable to me…the examples are too small and the narrative does not say enough to get an understanding of what you are trying to say…

    Re the various countries…even if it is Amazon, each have their own store and procedures…e.g., when I write a review for a UK author, I explain that I don’t have an account there and do not wish to buy from that store, so I can’t post on the site… To get around this, an author can place reviews as editorial reviews at the top of the page…

    1. GABixler,thank you for the comments. I will give it a rewrite! However, there really isn’t much of a narrative… One morning I was half asleep and discovered that one of my books had different reviews, and a different number of reviews, in the few countries that I looked at/was told about.Later in the day I wrote the post.
      I sadly and totally agree the samples are too small..I need more reviews! If you are interested, I can look up the comments that this post generated on Facebook and LinkedIn…actually, now that I think about, I could rework those comments into my rewrite or just write a new post. Thanks again, especially for the tip on how to work around the review restrictions Amazon has in some countries.

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