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Hello Deborah,

Hope this finds you well.

RE: your post about cameras for 150 military families, I would like to suggest an exciting, new 360VR video/still camera, the Kandao Qoocam.

It does not require a HMD (head mounted device). The videos can be seen easily with a viewer or after it has been uploaded onto Youtube.

Here is a test that I did myself (scroll down). Photos of the Qoocam in action are here.

It is also capable of still photographs.

Here are three posts for your consideration:

Kandao launches QooCam

Qoocam review

Youtube stabilization demo

To clarify, I am initiating this on my own, though I have a strong and proven relationship with Kandao. I have worked as a producer (CNN, Fuji TV, Cartoon Network) and would act in whatever role necessary, my costs to be covered by Kandao.


Total number of cameras

The Qoocam is quite new, and I have yet to learn of the official MSRP. To begin the discussion, I will use the price of US500. (This Forbes article says "Currently, the Qoocam is going on Kickstarter for $309, which the company says is a 27% discount from its retail price.") Using US500 per unit, this would be 20 Qoocams. Not enough for 150 families!

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PRESENT THE 150 FAMILIES WITH QOOCAMS, I WILL GET ON WITH MAKING IT HAPPEN. To help with this, please let me know immediately estimated viewership, if the aired program will be shown again, on Youtube.... Hosts name? Talent associated with the show? Awards? The total value would be US 75,000 and I will need to get them excited!


As Kandao/Qoocam is a new company based in Hong Kong, delivery needs to be clarified. Will the cameras be delivered to one address?

If so, where?

The 20 recipients of the cameras: would they receive their cameras in the US or at international addresses?


When would the cameras be needed? When will the program air?

Looking forward to hearing from you. This is a wonderful opportunity for all parties involved, especially the families. 360VR shot with the Qoocam really is impressive!


Stephen Black

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