AR reference materials for Hong Polytechnic Presentations and Workshops


Interesting things I found while doing research for my workshops and presentations on June 11 and 13.

Eventbrite registration is here

I will be giving ebooks away during this time, as well as discounting them. Info here.


AR and ART! An article by Grace Ko/Jumpstart magazine.

U2 Snapchat type Mephisto

Video: The Augmented Reality Market Opportunity - Panel at AWE 2016 Highly recommended!

I would like to thank Michael Konin Kato for the following four pieces of AR/VR info:

I have benefited from The Ghost Howls for over a year. Inspiring, informative and funny! I want to be The Ghost Howls when I grow up!

Here is an informative podcast:Ken Devellis on How to Create AR Apps.

walkin_demo_LP from Living Popups on Vimeo.


Charlie Fink's Metaverse - An AR Enabled Guide to AR & VR

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