ARphabet Tour AR Characters: Green Bean Boy

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Green Bean Boy is a character created by Dominique Wu, the founder of  Green Bean Boy &  hummingbirdsday

Green Bean Boy is from the Planet Vert in the Haricot Galaxy...

Green Bean Boy loves the Blue Planet and is determined to defend it. He travels through time and space with his chronobean portal to defend the Blue Planet. Green Bean Boy helps everyone he can.
A mix of serious space science and literature, technology, art, and music, the Green Bean Boy game is a multidimensional experience in XR (AR +VR + MR).

Green Bean Boy's website: 

Dominique is now finalizing a game demo made with ARkit and Unity. We are very happy to announce that the game features an appearance with Bubiko Foodtour!

The programming and debugging talents of Michael Stragey have made  the demo as beautiful as a diamond lit by a million moonbeams! 


The demo will be part of Stephen Black's presentations at ARIA at MIT on January 14, 2019.


Screen capture from an AR game by Dominique Wu. Story by Stephen Black (work in progress)

The demo and  discussion will also be part of the ARphabet Tour.

All of the sections of the ARphabet Tour are explained here.

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