ARphabet Tour: Bubiko Foodtour

All of the sections of the ARphabet Tour are explained here.

Bubiko Foodtour is a character created by Stephen Black and Sayuri Okayama. Bubiko is a little chef from Thailand who loves mango sticky rice. She is very knowledgeable about food, especially the foods of Southeast Asia. Her favorite phrase is "Aroi mak mak".

This version of Bubiko soon to be revised.

Bubiko's blog is here, but most of her online adventures are on this blog, like this post.

Bubiko's Instagram account is here.

Twitter @bubikofoodtour


Bubiko's photographs of Ipoh are in a book on Amazon.

She is making a book about the food of Shenzhen.

Bubiko Foodtour
A guide to the food of Shenzhen
games made with ARKit and Unity
An AR game featuring Green Bean Boy, with Bubiko. Created by Dominique Wu, founder of Hummingbirdsday Studio

All of the sections of the ARphabet Tour are explained here.

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