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A description of Bali Wave Ghost follows after the poll. [socialpoll id="2346203"] Unforgettable characters, dynamic writing and a journey through Bali like no other... strikes a chord with residents, locals and tourists alike. Odie Holmes is back in Bali, attending an event for the survivors of the tragedy that claimed many lives, including that of his wife. His career as a reality TV star is in shambles and his friends are few. Something like love unexpectedly enters his life, however, and Odie plods forward with a cautious sense of hope. Unusual experiences in Ubud, Kerobokan, Kuta and Sanur, take his his life on unexpected twists. He finds himself on the same wavelength as his unusual neighbors but the lifestyle of Odie's new partner cause constant friction. Bali Wave Ghost is both a portrait of the Island of the Gods and one man's struggles between heaven and hell. "Henry Miller is alive and well and living in Bali" Diego Lopez, publisher of Nusa magazine/founder of Nusa surfwear Richard E. Lewis wrote a best-selling book about growing up in war-torn Bali. Stuart Rankin is a former chief video editor at CNN/Cartoon Network and director of several documentaries. Keep an ear open for The Dundercats! .................. I have enjoyed creating covers for BWG. Here are some of the previous ones: Moody coconut spaceship artwork (best when two books are viewed together) Experiments My favorite  

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  1. love the work
    keep up !

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