A beach in Bali in he evening

Bali Wave Ghost Special Edition

Unusual sculpture of a woman at night
Stephen Black, seated before a broken statue of a large-breasted woman with a bottle for a head.
Hello....thanks in advance for considering this. As you may know, signed copies of the special edition of Bali Wave Ghost are being offered for sale for US$100 (1 million rupiah). There are only ten books in the edition. Here are six reasons you might consider before purchasing one. 6.This is an artwork. This version of Bali Wave Ghost features images from a photographic art project called 'Sanur'.
snakefruit plus Balinese desert wrapped in banana leaf
the results of a trip to a Balinese market
The Sanur project can be seen here: 5.The story is captivating.The writing is the result of two years worth of work. I asked Richard E. Lewis, a lifelong Bali resident and the author of Bones of the Dark Moon, for feedback. His comments: ...this may well be a mad work of genius or a work of mad genius... In a way it reminds me of Einstein's Dreams, another short novel that's a classic... What category do you put it in? I'd say literary, with a touch of experimentalism." From Hitoshi Wada: "How beautiful your sentences are." 4.A collectors item. An investment. You never know. 3. Bali Wave Ghost is an adventure. Your support allows more books to be printed.You are also helping a planned project with Kupu Kupu Art Space in Ubud, Bali.Finally, your support allows Bali Wave Ghost to be completed, which means that the sequel to I Ate Tiong Bahru can be started 2. Your name becomes a part of the project and you will be gratefully acknowledged in the future editions of Bali Wave Ghost. 1. You are helping a dream become reality. Thanks again for considering this. If you are in Bali, I will happily deliver your copy personally. Onward! Stephen Black PS There is a self-interview about Bali Wave Ghost here.

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