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Beach Road VR Singapore Tour 2015

Hello! Thank you for considering our offer to share the Beach Road VR movie in your space. What is this about? We would like to introduce you and your customers/visitors/friends to VR. We are not selling anything and no costs are involved. We would like to simply set up a small table, display a sign and talk to people about VR, Virtual Reality. Most important of all is that people can easily watch Beach Road, our VR movie, on the viewing gear that we will bring. A press release with more information is here.   What is Beach Road? Beach Road is a five minute movie about a parking lot attendant who wants to be a writer. It stars Alps Bethneck and features music by Bani Haykal and Chen YiQi. It was co-produced by Hiverlab. The script was written by Stephen Black.
Singapore hawker center in 360 VR
... writing in a notebook, surrounded by an empty hawker center...(still photo from Beach Road)
Stephen Black, Ender Jiang and Jeff Zhen
The team behind Beach Road, one of the first VR films made in Singapore.
Hiverlab viewing glasses
VR viewing goggles created by Hiverlab...
What do I need to prepare? I do not have staff to help with this! We will take care of everything. We do not need electricity and do not need your staff's help in anyway. Just show us the table and we will take it from there. We are not selling anything. If people later want to download Beach Road, it is available for free on Google Play. If you can promote this event on Facebook or by emailing, that would be helpful. We will promote you as much as we can, on twitter, LinkedIn, by emails and Facebook. If you know of any press people, bloggers, reporters or news people, do let us know. Beach Road has appeal for those interested in movies and visual arts as well as those interested in technology and communication. I don't understand VR at all. Can't I just use my laptop to watch Beach Road on Youtube? Virtual Reality is new. It is also simple and fun to use. Until you try it, is difficult to understand. Simply to say; you need a device to see a VR movie. That device can be made of cardboard or it can be an expensive, stylish hi-tech piece of equipment. We are prepared to bring 50 devices which were created by Hiverlab. Beach Road is five minutes long, so we hope that no one has to wait a long time to see it.   When? At the moment, our schedule looks like this: August 21 Instinc Art Space 8/22 Tiong Bahru private screening 23 The Projector 8/24 secret party with guitars and everything 8/25/ 8/26  8/27 8/28 +39 Gelato Bar 8/29  Saturday 9AM-1 PM Tiong Bahru  2:30-4:30 Singapore Science Center 8/30 Sunday 9AM-3 PM Tiong Bahru 8/31 September 1 9/2 9/3 Mettle Work 9/4 MAAD at The Red Dot Museum We are open to showcasing Beach Road after this time as well. Any questions? Please contact Ender: ender AT hiverlab dot com or Stephen Black via this blog. Thanks!

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