Book Merah Giveaways and Discounts for the Hong Kong Book Fair

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i ate tiong bahru



Bali Wave Ghost

Ipoh: 88 iPhone Photographs by Bubiko Foodtour

Obama Search Words

Alphabet Spikes

Flame Magnet

red dot SAD

Hello, and welcome to the world of Book Merah.

Here you will find our latest publications, as well as our classics. Although we have not yet started any organized publicity or marketing campaigns, we are very fortunate to be connecting with readers around the world.

Now, to celebrate the Hong Kong Book Fair, we are giving away, or discounting, all that is Book Merah, with two exceptions. Amazon does not allow us to discount the i ate tiong bahru audio book, and Contact With Shadow is supporting the mission of our friends at Unglue.

minimalist book cover

i ate tiong bahru

is a bestseller in Singapore.

The classic coffee mug reborn with a pop art, postmodern touch.


Fires is a collection of poems by Cyril Wong.

There is now a discount on Fires!

photography as part of book cover design

a photograph of a dancer on a farm, the title and the author's name

Furikake: a collectrion of short stories, all containing a reference to furikake, which is a Japanese rice seasoning. Some of the stories are spicy, some are tasteless, some are a fusion of East and West and Clementi, a community in Singapore.

Furikake... now on sale!

Publishing Magnates

Stephen Black, Book Merah CEO/author, with Stuart Rankin, Chairman of The Dundercats Multimedia Group.

black and white book covers

Bali Wave Ghost: reading it is like surfing through the mind of a character who is both guilt-ridden and hedonistic. A portrait of contemporary life in Bali; a meditation on the times we live in. Kinda romantic as well.

Bali Wave Ghost... Free download!

The basis for perhaps the world's first AR photo exhibition. These photos capture the spirit of Ipoh; especially its food culture.

Ipoh: 88 iPhone Photographs by Bubiko Foodtour, now a free download.

Fact-based fiction about the 44th President of the United States. Includes stories about his time in Jakarta, Hawaii, Chicago and New York City.

Obama Search Words now on sale.

ebook now available on Amazon

As of this moment, this book only has stories about AR in it. However i the next few days, there will be essays about VR, and some surprises. After you buy this, send me an email so as to get the updates, free of charge. Yes, this is an experiment; trying to see if I can use Amazon as a basis for a cross between subscriptions and crowdfunding. Ultimately this will be a compilation of my experiences and stories as a digital nomad.

Alphabet Spikes... FREE

lance from Secret Donut World

Flame Magnet is go!
Art by David Severn

Flame Magnet! Another experiment... short stories, and the start of a long adventure. Send me your email and you'll receive the new stories, free of charge, of course.

Flame Magnet is priceless 'til July 24!

minimal book covers

red dot SAD (Stories Art, Digitalia 2002-2017) book by Stephen Black

My own art experiences, as well as pieces that were written for magazines or fellow artists. Another project in which I will update this periodically; send me your email to get teh updated version. To give you an example of art in Singapore, take a look at this.

red dot SAD


Bubiko says hi!

Bubiko's food adventures.. Aroi mak Mak!

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