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Book Merah 2015: books, movies and art

1. Tiong Bahru Audiobook w/Mirai-Booth Ong December 1 release! Here is the first story, The Blue of an Edible Flower.  2. To Eat Tiong Bahru (the upcoming sequel to I Ate Tiong Bahru) 3. Foreigner kway! Stay tuned! For now, have some gelato! 4. Angelic Visions: drones, VR, immersive environments and cinematography's second life 5. Bali Wave Ghost 6. Wall Clouding 7. National University of Singapore thesis paper by Choi Yik Heng. Eating Tiong Bahru:Postcolonial Desires for Local-ness 8. 24 hours in Geylang...coming soon. (last year's project about the art world in Singapore) ...and don't forget to pop by gallery.sg and visit the SPOKEN show... Onward! SB MOIM Logo?... would you like a free ebook of I Ate Tiong Bahru? just send a request to bookmerah@gmail.com  

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