Bubiko. Austin. July.

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It was a whirlwind trip! Trying to solve an urgent technical issue resulted in meetings with a number of great people and organizations.

Yes, this is Austin in July, but this building always reminds me of a very cold morning in the Boston Public Market!

Inside of Capital Factory, in downtown Austin. Very fortunate to discover CF an hour before they had two networking events on that same night! The story of my technical emergency is briefly described at the bottom of this post.

There were margaritas!
Impact Hub, where the supremely helpful PJ and Ramona came up with a dozen possible solutions. Unfortunately, I could not stay for the Happy Hour. This co-working space is very, very cool.
nervous charlie
Energy on the streets of Austin I
Energy on the streets of Austin II
Energy on the streets of Austin III
Got lost and discovered this sign. I wonder what that company does? Looks like something to do with food! Aroi mak mak!

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