Bubiko Update!

Bubiko at SXSW Overview!

Bubiko, a little chef from Thailand, looking at a sign and thinking.
Bubiko Foodtour is looking up!

2019 is moving forward for Bubiko and her team! Huge thanks to Ken at UARExplorer and Julia at Novaby, the makers of amazing 3D models.

Image from game demo by Dominique Wu and Michael Stragey.

Presenting at ARIA at MIT

...and soon, thanks to VIKRANT MUTHUSAMY

and ALEXANDRA SMITH.....Bubiko will be able to sing!

Vikrant is a very talented musician. Alex is a gift: so perfect for this project, it seems like destiny. Alex is classically trained in opera and she often works as a Disney Princess, singing children's songs!

Stayed tuned for more Bubiko excitement!



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