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Touching Johor Bahru 1

I've plenty of notes about this place, as well the nights I've spent with the present owner at the 123 Cafe...

Tiong Bahru Mouth: Galicier Counter at CNY

Tiong Bahru Mouth: Tiong Bahru Teochew Kueh

Tiong Bahru Mouth

This post documents progress on Tiong Bahru Mouth, which is a collection of short stories and a visual art project, both by Stephen Black. Visual art, in this case, means photographs, videos and 360 videos. There is also a haiku component which is hidden on the internet. PHOTOGRAPHS VIDEOS Coffee and Light Tiong Bahru Mouth Wakes Up Jian Boh Shui Kueh at Sunrise Tiong Bahru Teochew Kueh Tiong Bahru Teochew Kueh glutinous rice packing Galicier Counter at CNY Two Friends in a Hardware Shop A Couple Descending  

An Open Letter to Facebook Groups with an interest in Tiong Bahru (part 2)

As mentioned in Part 1, the Tiong Bahru Mouth edition of photographs is now being prepared. Some images from the series are here. A description of the print ordering process is here, including links to the outstanding printer (Samuel Chia) and the museum-quality framer, Framehub.

SB (wearing VR viewer, the printer Samuel Chia and John Cheng, from Cheng Sugar, a Singaporean company that is over seventy years old!

This weekend (September 24 and 25), and next, I'll be at the Isetan at Wisma Atria, Level 1. I will be casually holding a seminar on the story behind the images, as well as the ordering process. This is a bit of an experiment and, from what I learn, I may develop a kind of "pop up" gallery in the future. new topic: AUDIOBOOK  Mirai Booth-Ong, a Los Angeles- based Singaporean actress/singer is now finalizing the iatb audiobook... new topic: CROWDFUNDING VIDEO "outtake" new topic: FREE  iatb EBOOK... just send me an email and I will send you the file. However, if you want to buy from Amazon... Also, I have a special offer of $18 for all 8 of my ebooks. Drop me an email if you are interested. new topic: T-SHIRTS...and soon iatb baby wear! 21528_925038137582297_1761505173788481572_n Thank you for reading this far, as well as your interest and support! See you in Tiong Bahru! Sincerely, Stephen Black The following interview starts with questions about Bali Wave Ghost, my most recent novel, but also covers a bit of the story behind i ate tiong bahru.

i ate tiong bahru book reviews + glasses + t-shirts

Reviews are now being collected and updated, but for now, there is only this link . i ate tiong bahru has sold almost 2000 copies, qualifying it as a national bestseller in Singapore. A second edition is now being planned. The follow up book is tiong bahru mouth. Printed copies of i ate tiong bahru are in all Singapore public libraries, as well as at Naiise, Booktique, Books Actually, Plain Vanilla, City Book Room, Kinokunya and excluniqueeee. Ebooks are available on Amazon.iatb-book-on-white-paper iatb-glass iatb-tshirt-and-porridge-vertical


ay4ya is space and time and exchange.

I Ate Tiong Bahru & Tiong Bahru Mouth Glasses and book


I ate tiong bahru glass coffee mug

toing bahru glass simple background

tiong bahru glass simple background


I ate tiong bahru book and glass coffee mug

I ate tiong bahru book and glass coffee mug, with tiong bahru mouth glass coffee mug



Tiong Bahru: residences or homes?

iatb against newspaper ad for huge buildingI should either write a lot about this, which would require a lot of time, or just keep it simple... The photo in the newspaper was taken where? Books Actually? I hope so, and I hope Books Actually was paid a location rental fee. Tiong Bahru's  "quaint charm" makes it rather expensive for the people who actually "provide" that quaint charm. (And, if I were the creative director on this project, I would have chosen Woods in the Books, as WitB specializes in children's books)OUR-TiongBahru-CVF-100_1024x1024 Yep, keepin' this short. Just wondering though, what the traffic will be like when the three new skyscrapers are completed.

A great discount/ semi-On Kawara artwork/Fashion!?/a neologism/books/moving

Simple description: I am moving (shifting as they say in Singapore/the UK) and hope to get some of my artworks in the hands of people who understand them. Pay what you like for the following printed books:  Bali Wave Ghost, I Ate Tiong Bahru and Furikake. All of these books have received positive reviews and all are described on this blog elsewhere. As for the T-shirts: -they are a means of disseminating information about "compung", a word I have created. I am now looking for organizations about neologisms, so as to find ways to register "compung" or get it into the mainstream.Compung documentation (T-shirt) - they reference On Kawara as well as Prince's use of symbols and  the substitution of letters for words -they promote the Kampung GUI. GUI stands for ground up initiative, a concept that I strongly believe in. -they feature my "unaesthetic" aesthetic. Fun, maybe challenging...   SO... get in touch if you are interested. I would be happy to connect these limited edition artworks with people who "get" them... Onward! Kampung GUI tour pointing SB The books are a limited edition, joining these others.