The Man From Silat Road/Tiong Bahru Mouth (3/4)

A meditation about Ronnie and the Burns, Singapore’s first rock band. This will be rewritten a bit and appear in the updated version of i ate tiong bahru. Tiong Bahru Mouth is the title to the sequel to iatb. POOR BOY / SINGAPORE CONVENTION CENTER / 2:08 AM, August 6, 1966    The Communists and the Americans …

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Bubiko meets Tranzient 1.0

I met Jim Simons, the force behind Tranzient, at the November 2019 edition of the London Augmenting Reality Meetup. He did a live demo of the Tranzient VR/music making app. The app not only performed beautifully, Jim composed some great little beats; on the spot of course. The Tranzient app allows musicians to collaborate in …

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Blessed Sacrament Festival, Sunday, June 9, 2019

The Blessed Sacrament Festival, June 9, 2019. Plus a surprise or two. Polka Kings: Does Polka Music Really Come from Poland? POLISH SUMMER PICNIC! JUNE 14 and 15 New York Times article: DIVERSIONS; Ardent Polka Fans Take to the Road to Pursue Their Irrepressible Music A very pleasant time. Besides the people, food and music, …

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radiocassette player art

Stephen Black’s AR/VR/spatial computing experiences

Stephen Black: This post is a breakdown of my experiences with AR/VR/Spatial Computing. It starts with 2002, though I received a BFA in Photographic Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology  well before that. Before 2002, I lived in Tokyo, Manhattan, Paris and Hong Kong, and worked in network TV, fine arts, photography and music. …

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A collection of blog posts about Toledo, Ohio The Art and Performance Center of West Toledo, twilight, and Moths in the Attic. A glimpse into the startup scene in Northwest Ohio Black and white photos of Spring 2019 Ride of Silence Shadows of mobiles About Stephen Black Stephen Black’s books