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Stephen Black: 72 hour Facebook Live Broadcast



Augmented Reality,art, Southeast Asian food, Bubiko Foodtour, VR, music, haikus, photographs, videos, unusualness... and discussions, readings from, and free downloads of, EBOOKS! The broadcast starts at 3PM September 30, Malaysia time, ends on Monday, October 2 at 3PM Malaysia time.

Until October 2, these ebooks are free downloads on Amazon:

Obama Search Words


Fires by Cyril Wong

i ate tiong bahru (a paper copy is available at naiise)

Bali Wave Ghost

Flame Magnet

red dot SAD


Contact With Shadow is not a free download, but if you are interested in the future of book distribution, you should know about Unglue.

There is an audiobook version of i ate tiong bahru, narrated by Mirai Booth-Ong. And, this is 3how's debut album.

Bubiko Foodtour is AR's first superstar.

Base of operations: the Abby Hotel in Ipoh, Malaysia.

Thank you: Hock Moon Hiong BBQ meat and Jewellery Design and Management International School

If you are here because you are interested in my AR-related startup ideas, this post gives you an overview.

FWIW, I will soon have stories on Popularium and ElevenAsia

I am writing this 30 hours after the marathon went live.On one hand my blog views are double what they usually are. On the other hand, there haven't been many viewers. That is OK. I didn't do any pre-publicity, I am not paying Facebook to blast the event and there are no costs, other than my time. I hope that towards the end of the 72 hours there are more viewers. For now, I can only say if you visit the FB live page, say hi.

Here is an email I've sent out to friends and associates:

Hello everyone... I hope the weekend is a good one for you.

Just to short note to say that I am doing a live FB broadcast from Ipoh-for 72 hours. I started Friday at 3, will finish at 3 on Monday. The camera I am using isn't very good, the audio is so-so, the internet is slow and I am silhouetted during the daytime. Perfect!

Actually I am learning a lot, and my blog is seeing a nice amount of action. The free ebooks are trickling out of Amazon. I can see clicks on my blog posts about my AR startup plans. Yesterday I was interviewed by a reporter from the Malay Mail.

Anyhoo...stop by and chat with the silhouette... and meet Secret Donut World, the Doughbots and steamboatbubikofoodtourwillie.



This was the schedule for Friday...


3pm Ipoh (3AM NYC)8AM London

Son Mn Chinese Lantern Exhibition

4:30-5:30 Ipoh(4:30-5:30AM NYC)9:30-10:30 AM London

reading from Obama Search Words

5:30-6:15 Ipoh

Ipoh food adventures

6:15-7PM Ipoh

Ipoh evening tour

7pm(7AM NYC)12PM London

Bubiko: Adventures in Photoshop at Thanas Wedding Photography

9pm(9am NYC)2pm London

Ipoh Evening food adventures

9-10 Ipoh

Free ebooks introduction

10pm(10am NYC)3pm London

Stephen Black and VR

11pm(11am NYC)4pm London

Stephen Black startup ideas

12am(12pm NYC)5pm Lon

Stephen Black and AR

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 30, 2017 (in Ipoh)

coming soon!

I HEART STONEHENGE: Something Like an Open Letter to Elvis Costello

Elvis Sunset i. Sent a telegram to Rolling Stone magazine in New York City. Elvis photos. Please advise. 1978, April. Elvis at Royal Oak. Detroit. The Attractions. B 'til open the late show doors. Smell of paint on animal leather. First time, Faster than Normal. 'Good night', spat out. Stormed off. ii. The hotel room window back cover. Accidents will happen. Hasselblad stand-up in my room. iii. a. Rochester New York, Imperial Bedroom. Talk Talk. b. Fuji Rock,with only Steve... at the piano above the sea. iv. Roppongi hotel room, the Residents tour. A yakitoriya, Snakefinger eloquent about Pete. v. Back home in Toledo, my mom played Burt Bacharach records, especially on weekends. vi. Singapore: A Good Year for the Roses... Days.

Unlocking With Ears: James Brown/Little Richard/Michigan State Fair

The story... get up on this...

Unlocking With Ears: Japan: Friction, Ayuo Takahashi, Killing Time, Christophe Charles

FRICTION Crazy Dream Crazy Dream Gapping


Ayuo Takahashi , Otha Hiromi - Takeda No Komori Uta (Takeda Lullaby)

Ayuo - From the Journals of Sylvia Plath KILLING TIME CHRISTOPHE CHARLES Undirected Float Just realized that I should have mentioned two projects organized by S-Ken. Jazz Hip Jap( I co-wrote the lyrics to Enemy Headlights on My Back. yes, I was a Zoot Dragon) The other project doesn't seem to show up in English language-based Google. That was a project produced by S-Ken in which Japanese bands covered Velvet Underground Songs. I was a vocal coach for Smile Kick, who valiantly did a version of The Black Angel Death Song. Even for a native speaker that is a very difficult song to sing... Google led me to this, but I cannot find where the song/a reference is. I should really compile my S-Ken stories some day.Listen to this. Dennis Gunn Dennis Gunn Dennis Gunn

Unlocking With Ears: Love is a Muscle

Dougie Bowne   Yuka Honda   Marc Ribot

Towards a New Cinematography (notes)

blue fish in tank with Wall Clouding written aboveit

image created as part of the preparation for the Wall Clouding 360 video by Stephen Black/hiverlab

Towards a New Cinematography is the latest title for the book that I committed myself to with this post.

Singapore has recently been very helpful to me. For example, because of an amazing series of talks organized by SCAPE, I was able to get up to speed on 4K, thanks to three great presentations by Matt Seigel. Twice I was able to hear Karl Soule go over some of the numerous delights in the Adobe Creative Cloud.

I heard Kazz Sato speak about sound! I was in the same room as Royston Tan!Nicholas Chee!

These talks really brought me up to speed, helping me get a sense of the current state of indie film production. Very important, especially after my years away from video, when I was in "exile" in Bali.

And more: last week I attended a three-in-one Meetup:

Singapore Creative Coding Meetup

Singapore StoryCode Meetup


The presenters were:

Himanshu Shah, speaking about a Virtual Roller Coaster.

Himanshu Shah has been in the production industry for the last 15 years and is involved in a number of companies. Amongst the companies he is currently involved in is one that does stereoscopic 3D video production. His latest company is involved in the creation of VR Rides.

Hrishi Olickel, speaking about a low-cost alternative to the Oculus Drift

Went to ACS(Independent), graduated in 2012 for IB in the top 1% Currently majoring in Computer Science at Yale-NUS College focusing on Machine Learning and Big Data Founder of the Yale-NUS Hackerspace, hackathon enthusiast

AND... Eugene Soh!Eugene spoke about unconventional uses of VR, including a very special project... Eugene Soh is a Singaporean fine artist who happens to be a programming genius. When he isn't travelling the world, he is at home making apps or creating epic photographic renditions of famous renaissance paintings. Eugene has recently taken a strong interest in harvesting energy from the sun (solar power, because he hates paying bills) and may be moving in that direction.

All of these experiences really increased my knowledge about all of the changes taking place in cinematography. However, having information is not the same as having experience... which is why I am very excited to be involved with a couple of projects with hiverlab... but I will elaborate on these developments in another post...

Unlocking With Ears: 3how  3how The Riverwalk Session

The first 3how: playing in an office/ laughing when it breaks...

Blue House - "Molemen Army" - Amith Narayan, Dave D'aranjo

And... if you like what you hear...

Unlocking With Ears: Sadato

Sadato Group - Kafesho + Gohon Gahon 7" (1984)


Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi aka Sadato interviewed by CNN ASIA in 1998  


The Tehran-Dakar Brothers at Zora Art Space (NY) Jan 8, 2011. Performing "Everyday Blues".

Unlocking With Ears: Faculty Party + Steve Pagnotta