Wall Clouding

spiral staircase

Norm Black: Before

Norm Black is the name of my exhibition at Mettlework Art Space, from September 3-6, 2015. I will be showing a VR short film created with Hiverlab, a virtual gallery created with Eugene Soh and involving 40 artists and writers, a conceptual piece with kuehs and black and white prints of Tiong Bahru. I will …

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blue fish in tank with Wall Clouding written aboveit

Towards a New Cinematography (notes)

Towards a New Cinematography is the latest title for the book that I committed myself to with this post. Singapore has recently been very helpful to me. For example, because of an amazing series of talks organized by SCAPE, I was able to get up to speed on 4K, thanks to three great presentations by …

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architecture and urban space

Wall Clouding preproduction notes

Note: Wall Clouding was a working title; BEACH ROAD is the name of the finished project. Info about Beach Road is here. What: Wall Clouding is a spontaneous act of filmmaking using the Aliwal Street area as inspiration. The Wall Clouding activities take place as part of Unlocking With Ears, Stephen Black’s exhibit at the Museum …

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2020 Stephen Black presentations

Latest news! In October, in Turin, Italy, SB will be at: VIEW (last year’s event featured Brad Bird (The Incredibles, The Iron Giant), as well as talents responsible for animation for Game of Thrones, Toy Story, Star Wars and Spiderman: the Spider-verse, and more.) Stephen Black will be giving the following presentations on Augmented Reality …

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