PPE: Notes on making Deaconness Face mask for Hospitals

You can help support this project, without money.

It is now 12:39 PM April 3. I just started this post, and will be adding to it all day. Other posts about PPE can be found here.

The Deaconess mask has been approved by the CDC.

Following are notes that I have rewritten, based on Youtube comments.

In the video, it is stated that the mask could be reused so that the outside would later be used inside. NO! NEVER!

PATTERN: The pattern is here: https://www.sewitonline.com/. You cannot download it unless you give them your email address.

This is nearly the same pattern and is a simple download: https://hellosewing.com/wp-content/uploads/face-mask-pattern-v2.pdf


1. CUTTING: Use a tight weave cotton polyester fabric if available. To be on the safe side with shrinkage, pre-wash your fabrics at a high temperature like it will be washed by the mask owner. If A cotton poly blend is not accessible, not, use a tight cotton (such as a good quality sheet) a tea towel, a pillowcase, or linen, in that order.

2. Make sure your side A is all one fabric and your side B is the same fabric. She did not do that in the video on purpose so that we could see the seams well. The patterned side should face the patient and the solid side faces the health care provider.

5. SEWING so according to the video or follow these written instructions https://hellosewing.com/face-mask-sewing-pattern/

6. NOSE PIECE:  Note that there are many things you can use.

-Floral, Garden or jewelry wire

-Pipe cleaners, twist ties or Christmas ornament hangers.

WATCH the video to see how she attaches it.

7. Many things can be used to slip in and out of the sides as FILTERS. Vacuum cleaner bags are the very best followed by coffee filters, and other fabrics. 

8. Should you be unable to find any ELASTIC, you may use strings, shoe laces or ribbon of any kind. Thread through 36 inches of length. Tie the upper ribbon with a bow so that the user does not have to do so and leave the lower ribbon untied so they can custom fit it.

9. Try to collect fabric, elastic and nose materials from your friends and neighbors or ask them to please buy you a some cotton blend fabric. . Fabric stores allow you to order online and then do curbside pick up. 

1. PATTERN: if you cannot find the pattern, Print the nearly identical pattern from hellosewing.com/wp-content/uploads/face-mask-pattern-v2.pdf.  OR use the one given to you by your sewing group. MAKE a plastic or cardboard copy of an L, M and sized pattern based on the pattern blue, red or green. Start with L and then cut away to M and then cut away to S. This sturdier pattern will hold up better as you cut fabrics many times. 

2. Take care not to enlarge this pattern when you draw around it to make the sturdier one.

3.Label the patterns L – A and L– B etc. Side A will be the smaller one and side B will be 1 inch longer on the Right side.  This follows the video description. 

10.  Get SEWING and remember it is protection that we seek not perfection!

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