Foreigner on a kway

Designers I Have Worked With (part 2)

Part 1 of this post is here.

So,  this post is fun. It is only now that I see the variety of designers I have worked with. Not all are in these two, soon to be three posts. Some were like the guys at Eka Printers in Bali; where I just go in and hope for the best. Because of the language barrier and the race against the clock, I never know exactly what I am going to get. I ENJOY THAT! Of course when it comes time to do an offset run, it is the exact opposite: there must be no surprises or errors. As an example: I Ate Tiong Bahru. No grammar or historical errors have been found AND the words fit perfectly on the page; there aren't any one line or one word "orphans" hanging onto the top of a white page. That is due to the patience and expertise of Philipp Aldrup, who allowed me to rewrite on the spot so that the lines end gracefully (without hyphens, for example)  and fill the page in an attractive way.

So...where was I? Oh yes? The first decade of the millennium.

Nicholas Foo, the Lego artist.  I was lucky to meet Nicholas! He had just left his full-time career as a  highly respected graphic designer. He was committing himself to becoming an official Lego artist--Asia's first. He said he could find the time to work on the packaging for the MGK--the Multipurpose Gamemaking Kit. Package, business card, CD, great stuff. (Must find the jpegs)

Foreigner on a kway
very first document created as a starting point for discussion for the Foreigner kways

The thumb kway idea has stayed with me and I now have plans for a triptych, of sorts. Thanks to Gerald Leow, I was invited to become a member of a short-lived collective called the Foreign Love Club. The Foreigner/kway idea flourished nicely in that fantastic installation set up at Bedok Reservoir. Unfortunately, the process to get a perfect Foreigner kway took longer than expected, so we had to go with the thumb kways.  Tze Yu and Zhiying of litile collective were helpful and patient. Food+ art+ 3D printing= a big yes!

CHARIS! I was shocked, shocked, nicely shocked when Charis, with genuine support and friendliness, allowed me to use one of his Obama digital portraits in Obama Search Words. One of my dreams is to visit him in Greece and take him and his wife out to dinner...

Amith and Tracy and the Unseen Guest albums... Well, the days of 12 inch records seem to be gone, so my dream of creating an album cover seems to be difficult to realize, if not impossible. But with The Unseen Guest, I was able to do the next best thing. Actually, I was extremely lucky because the music of The Unseen Guest is remarkable. It is difficult to define, easy to fall in love with. I worked with Amith and Tracy Bay and I think the results are as appealing to me now as they were at the time we made them. For the first CD we used photos that Amith and Declan had shot when they were in India recording the album. Tracy kept things right on the edge, meaning that we had the look and feel of a record cover made in the Sixties, with just a hint of second millennium postmodernism. (ooooh..postmodernism!)

The second album, Out There, used a few of the photographs I had taken in Yangon. Thanks Tracy! Thanks Amith!

May Lim...even though she was battling an illness, May patiently and professionally helped me get the word out about Book Merah!

Part 3, coming up soon!

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