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Latest food photos on the Instagram account of Bubiko Foodtour. (all available light) Hello! This is a very brief introduction to my food photography. Please contact me if you have any questions. I am very interested in forming a long-term relationship with a restaurant or chef. I believe the internet offers many new possibilities that are more interesting than websites, Facebook, etc. To have an ongoing web project would not only showcase food and drink creations, but would be an artistic business project that would offer the viewers/customers both a perspective and a connection. An experimental project about the Tippling Club, one of Singapore's most dynamic food and drink establishments. Note that the Tippling Club is now in a different location. Also, this was set up on Scribd which, unfortunately, no longer allows for a double page presentation. Quark Powder. Furikake,is not photographic, but a collection of short stories, all somehow related to food: My food images have appeared in many magazines as well as in the following books: CoCo Alleno 101(Editions Glénat) Secrets of Sushi An elegant experiment, involving some three star chefs and very good writing....I feel, though that some of the digital images now lack punch because digital at that time was not what it is now.. The sushi shots, are on film...they are still jewels...

Omakase by cw

I would be thrilled to connect with a restaurant, hotel, chef or food artist who wants to make beautiful images and exciting digital projects! Onward, Stephen Black A bit more, here on Behance.

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