Go Big or Go Home… selling a million copies of Bali Wave Ghost (at least)

Reviews and a plot summary of Bali Wave Ghost can be found here. Eat Pray Love sold millions of copies, thanks to product tie-ins. Stephen Black: I believe at least a million copies of Bali Wave Ghost can be sold by applying the lessons provided by Eat Pray Love. Home Shopping Network, here we come, with positive, fair trade and green products! AN “INVISIBLE SUPPORT INFRASTRUCTURE” ALREADY ESTABLISHED.. Bali Wave Ghost is a good book. Two very positive blurbs so far and test sales in Bali have been very encouraging. Bali Wave Ghost is comparable to, but different from, Eat Pray Love, which was also set in Bali. A 2010 article:Former Forbes reporter Lauren Streib has an excellent piece on The Daily Beast about the cottage industry that has sprung up around Eat Pray Love (the book and the movie). She estimates that the franchise is worth $350 million. She basis her estimate on the fact that the book has sold 9 million copies generating $135 million in sales not including sales of a movie tie-in version of the book which is currently a best seller. Bali Wave Ghost in a Periplus bookstore The son of a successful book salesman, who has been, among other things, the head of Fox television’s on –air promotions for Japan, I have international experience with promotion, especially video and grass-roots networking. Additionally, I have access to printers, distribution and storage. . Social media, targeted ads and niche groups for readers create inexpensive and effective ways to sell to readers. SB/Book Merah already has established a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Goodreads as well as a blog, blacksteps.tv A five part interview has already been shot in video by Aquiles Ascencion and editing is under way, performed by Start Rankin, the former chief editor of Turner Broadcasting/CNN in Hong Kong. A Bali Wave Ghost speaking tour is being planned(via MeetUp and other online resources) in Bali, Singapore, Tokyo, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Cleveland OH, Columbus OH, Toledo OH, Detroit MI, Chicago IL and Milwaukee WI. Additionally, every effort will be made to participate in the Ubud Writers Festival ,the Singapore Writers Festival and the Word Forward/Lit Up Festival, which I participated in twice previously. VoiceMap support. Negotiations are now under way for a Stephen Black series of audio tours, starting with Tiong Bahru(Singapore), followed by the Kampong Glam area(Singapore), Yangon (Myanmar) and Bali. Synergy of other Book Merah products and projects. Other titles by Book Merah include: Obama Search Words, Furikake, Bus Stopping and I Ate Tiong Bahru. No serious marketing has been done for any of these books. The softcover version of IATB has sold well over 1000 copies. In Singapore, 2000 copies sold is considered a bestseller. A sequel to IATB is now underway. Audiobook support. Voiced by Singaporean/Hollywood talent Mirai Booth-Ong, the audio version of IATB will be online soon. An audiobook of Bali Wave Ghost will be produced. The immediate target for these projects is the airline industry, where travel-oriented audio books are common. Art world VR movie support. An exhibited artist, Stephen Black has connections and possibilities within the art media journalistic community. The present cover features a work by Made Bayak, who is represented by Tony Raka Gallery (Bali). Cottage Industry Tie-Ins/Merchandising Once BWG gains traction, tours, hotels, spas and services will be given the opportunity to share and build the audience. Discussions have already started with a Singapore-based perfume company with branches in Seoul and Dubai. A Bali Wave Ghost logo will be developed. Commitment. When I began writing books in 2007, I made the decision to not to do any marketing, for several reasons, including the fact that successful marketing and sales are full time jobs . I decided to wait until I had completed eight books. With Bali Wave Ghost, I am ready, ready to sell at least a million copies. My goal is make enough money that I can help others as well as go back to being a starving artist, but without the starving part. ONWARD! Stephen Black January 21, 2016

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