I Ate Tiong Bahru: “Unlike anything else I’ve read…”

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"... I Ate Tiong Bahru, your exquisite 'lyrical documentary' on Tiong Bahru, which gave me many hours of pure pleasure...
I wish I'd read it before visiting the estate, and still in Singapore so I would be able to go there again.
It's in Paris that I read it, and followed all your descriptions and encounters, street by street, on my detailed map of Singapore... I loved your book."


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Kitaab Review

An award, of sorts.

他不想把中巴鲁写的纸上完完美美,他把最真实的经历和故事, 用简单有趣的方式呈现给读者。
从在 Galicier 西饼店学做英式蛋糕和娘惹糕,到在巴刹的扶梯下观察路人的举动和表情,他仿佛在和中巴鲁谈恋爱。一段非比寻常的恋爱。

"I ate Tiong Bahru"
By Mr. Stephen Black.

Review by Jacob Tan Wei

"We can't turn back time; the past can only be reminisced.

Indeed, the past can only be reminisced. Today, I met my new soulmate at Tiong Bahru. This Caucasian man had not only written the sentiments towards Tiong Bahru of its people, but also the past and memories of those departed. He didn't want to write on the perfections; he used lighthearted humour to describe those raw experiences and stories. From learning how to bake English and Nonya pastries at Galicier to observing passersby from below the escalator, it was like a courtship of sorts between him and Tiong Bahru. He had triggered our memories; not only had he given all those who hold great sentiments of this place a little consolation and joy, but also the freedom of discovery for those who are curious about this place. This Caucasian man's tenderness had humbled me greatly. I ate Tiong Bahru by Mr. Stephen Black."

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iatb was the only ebook featured in Eugene Soh's revolutionary web art project: www.gallery.sg

IATB in virtual gallery

The classic coffee mug reborn with a pop art,postmodern touch


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