Chinese and Western performance artists

Independent Archive Reference Materials : Pamphlet from Performance Art Laboratory 2014 in Hong Kong, organised by CCCD

Pamphlet for performance art event in Hong Kong
Front and back cover of brochure for the 2014 Performance Art Laboratory in Hong Kong, organised by the CCCD.
This post is a bit of an experiment. As you may know, the Independent Archive has an impressive collection of materials on performance art, especially that of the Southeast Asian region. With this, and subsequent posts, it is hoped connections of all types will be made. The selection of materials posted will be varied, to exemplify the diversity found within the Independent Archives. Do feel free to comment or to suggest genres, specific performances, individuals or regions. Eventually these posts may appear on the Independent Archive website itself. Thank you for your interest. .................................................
Chinese and Western performance artists
inside of pamphlet of Performance Art Laboratory in Hong Kong, organized by CCDC
Performance Art Laboratory 2014, presented by Centre for Community Cultural Development. May 13 and 14 2014. Producer: Mok Chiu Yu Curator: Chan Sammu Coordinator: Liu Nanxi Designer: To Yeuk Helpers: Lam Foon Hiu, Wong Yuk Ming and Guo Feng   Featured artists: Boris Nielsony and Art Service Association Chan Sammu Chumpun Apisuk Lo Lok Him Mok Chiu Marilyn Arsem Tomas Ruller To Yeuk Ting Liping Yim Monique Au Lai Tak Chen Yiling Dominic Thorpe Jeremy Hiah Kwan Ero MARU Yuenjie Moon Yumi Qiao Shengxu and in here Tanaka Toshi ...and Google led me to this link as well, one about Shinichi Arai. Tse Wai Kee Wang Mingfeng Yoyo Yogasmana and this Au Yeung Tung Cheng Man Chai Choi Ger Fang Fang Li Xiaoming Richard Martel Urich Lau Xiang Xishi Yu Wing Kei      

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