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The last time I worked fulltime in network television was 2001, when I was the head of the on-air promo department for Fox in Tokyo.  In 2002 I came to Singapore to work for a startup that was doing something like Youtube (3 years before Youtube started) and creating a 3D-some-might-call-it-virtual-reality game development kit for children and educational purposes. In 2007 I began writing books. In the second half of 2016 I re-entered the VR world and, because of that, have found myself happily becoming re-associated with network television.

To get to it, I recently attended a two day workshop organized by The Discovery Channel.  My notes and links....not in any order.

Nicholas Reed introduced himself and the film that won him an Oscar.https://nickreed.com/  Why should we watch this video? To learn how we can live a happier life...

Lady in Number 6 Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQMSukDFUzrZUU8ayePauTw

...when discussing the way to go about things/discuss changes , be objective, not subjective... data or examples can be more persuasive than an opinion...

Nick recommended the book called Save the Cat.

On the second day, he gave another presentation, this time focusing on viral marketing.Nick's company is called Shareability.... they made this: DON'T POST UNLESS IT'S GREAT!

Dollar Shave Club...fantastic success story, started by a $50,000 video.

As for pitching Nick told  a story about Korey/Karey ? Edwards, who carries an imaginary samurai sword on his back whenever he goes into a pitch. That gives him confidence when he tells them about the greatest idea in the world.

Vomit draft-a draft quickly executed to get the main points down on paper, without thinking too much.

SO many interesting ideas, experiences and comments, ranging from Santa in bondage to Tibetan car trouble to how to frontload a pitch.

JumpCut Asia Bootcamp Rundown

Day One 16 Dec Friday

9am-930am Registration and Coffee

930am – 10am Opening Address by Charmaine Kwan, Head of Products, Discovery Networks SEA

10am – 11am So You Won An Oscar…

Masterclass with Nick Reed, Oscar-Winning filmmaker and founding partner of LA-based viral company, Shareability

11am – 12pm Developing the Development


Jasmine Ng, Film Director and Series Producer for Singapore Stories

Rohit Tharani, Director of Content Curation Discovery Networks SEA

Tan Chih Chong, Executive Producer, Sitting in Pictures

Moderated by:

Bryan Seah, Head of Original Content for Discovery Networks SEA

12pm- 130pm Lunch

130pm – 215pm The Biz of Business Affairs

Masterclass with Daniel Whittington, Senior Director, Business & Legal Affairs, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific

215pm- 3pm Production Management

Masterclass with Melissa Turnbull, Director, Production Management, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific

Day Two 17 Dec Saturday

9am-930am Registration and Coffee

930am – 1030am The DNA of a Viral Story

Masterclass with Nick Reed, Oscar-Winning filmmaker and founding partner of LA-based viral company, Shareability

1030am – 1115am How to Market Your Film on Social


Derek Tan, Co-founder of Viddsee

Ser Young Puah, Associate Creative Director, BBDO/Proximity

Moderated by:

Gerald Ang, Director of Audience Engagement, Discovery Networks SEA

1115am – 1215pm Survival Stories from Singapore Stories ‘15


Kylie Tan, Filmmaker, Man vs Birds

Victor Tang, Filmmaker, Birth of a Marine Park

Yong Shuling, Filmmaker, Growing Roots

Moderated by:

Caroline Chan, Assistant Producer, Discovery Networks SEA

1215pm -130pm Lunch

130pm – 215pm Pitch It Win It


Jim Ribbans, Head of Business and Content Development, Beach House Pictures

John McKenna, Head of Studio, One Animation

Zaihirat Banu Codelli, CEO, Oak3 Films

Moderated by:

Bryan Seah, Head of Original Content for Discovery Networks SEA

215pm -3pm Production: Murphy’s Law in Motion


Mark Chua, Director and Managing Partner, Freeflow Productions

Sarah Bagharib, Producer and Director, Make Productions

Brian  McDairmont, Director/Cameraman Two Chiefs

Sean Kneale, VP Content and Senior Executive Producer, FremantleAsia

Moderated by:

Rohit Tharani, Director of Content Curation Discovery Networks SEA

(Thanks to Gue Lee Yuan for helping me with this list)

Global quality, local stories.

Data cannot tell you what to make.

Likes are nice, but shares are much better.

Microchannels...rushes and unused footage can be re-packaged.

Content marketing

story, story, story

same but different




Deadpool Marketing campaign


Finally, a video shared by Nick...

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