MegaJakarta 1

The introduction to the megaJakarta project is here. Jakarta blur plants edited   Embracing the impossibility to fully understand the moment before me. Utilizing technology, choreography and chance to create a two dimensional model and monument. I came to Jakarta with "only" a smart phone. I had a few questions about my relationship with photography. Reflecting upon the time and place captured by the camera as well as the subsequent processing of the image resulted in the statement above. One of my intentions with the megaJakarta project was to find eight links that would offer insights into each image. And so...
  1. Ohio smartphone surrealism
  2. From nothing to this...
  3. Cikini
  4. From nothing to this 2
  5. Delete by haiku
  7. From nothing to this 3
  8. H.G. Wells
On my Facebook page I have posted almost a hundred images taken for the megaJakarta project. Only one or two have been modified, the rest are "unattractive". Here is a sample. The "before" image of the one above.
megaJakarta 1, from camera
megaJakarta 1, from camera
MegaJakarta 2 is here.  

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