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Mottoist Driving School

Thanks for making your way here... It is September 16th as I write this and you are likely here because of SPOKEN. Right now SPOKEN is open to all kinds of creatives, except visual artists. We have no more gallery space, so it is tough to properly present visual works in SPOKEN. However, send us your stuff for next time... But, right now, we do not know what we are going to do next. February 14th seems  very, very far away. As I write this, Eugene and I are not sure if we will work together again or what. And I mean that in the best possible way. What is certain however, is that it is always great to connect with enthusiastic people.The spirit of SPOKEN will continue. So, regardless of whether you are a visual artist, a writer, a performance artist, a graphic designer,a game designer, a musician, a filmmaker...whatever, please consider the following if you would like to do something together. 1. Use Gmail/Google+/Google Drive 2. Create a Google Drive account and in it, please put a. jpeg(s) of your work Jpegs should be labeled with title, year and name of artist. Sound files or whatever else you have would be helpful b. bio, including social media c. links to all of your projects online d. portrait e.Answer this question: I'd like to be involved because...(20 words or less.) Then, allow me access to that file. Doing the above would say a lot about your commitment. Thank you... BUT I DON'T DO SOCIAL MEDIA AND I HATE GOOGLE+. It's always so empty... Not a problem. But here's what you should know. As much as possible, I like to be fun, serious and efficient. Sending six email requests for a jpeg of an existing artwork is not good. Many unanswered email requests for a bio is not good. Things like this take time, are unpleasant and unnecessary, especially when one is, more or less, an unpaid volunteer. By doing all of the above, you are saving us both time. So, think of something that you ca do without Google+.(No zip files, please.) You are welcome to get in touch whether you are on Google+ or not. If you're not on G+, please consider budgeting a small amount for advertising. For as little as five bucks you can place an ad online that would help you and whatever collaborators may be involved.Why? Besides being extremely efficient, Google+ helps feed information to the Google search engine, which helps spread the information. When non-Google+ users pay for a small ad to appear online, they are doing the same thing that Google+ users do automatically, for free. (This is a bit of a simplification and I am happy to answer in detail via email. There is also this post on why I like Google+ I am not obsessed with search engine ranking and all that. However, the internet does allow for surprising, positive connections to be made if one just gives it some information. Bottom line is that I welcome the opportunity to work with people who are enthusiastic and, hopefully, organized*.   Onward! Stephen Black *No, I am not really that organized, but I have improved a bit because of SPOKEN. PS "Motto" is the Japanese word for "more". A mottoist does more. The SPOKEN design element above was an experiment in graphics by Roy Chan.

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