Notes for Mee-Young Arkim Photography Project

This is one of a series of essays on my relationship with, and thoughts on, using photography to create art. My collaboration with the artist Mee-Young Arkim is a starting point and a reference. The first post is here.

Unless I am asked to write a review, I do not write about how I look at photographs. For one thing, photography is as diverse as Life itself. One looks at photographs of distant galaxies differently than one looks at photographs of blood cells. Conceptual photography, portraiture, street photography, photojournalism, pornography, daguerreotypes, aerial photography, etc. etc.

With this post, I am free-associating and doing research. The following links and notes were inspired by this image that I created with Mee-Young Arkim, a Singapore-based Korean artist who has lived most of her life in Paris.

  1. My own work has often featured images that "look good in space". By this I mean that in space, there is no up or down; I have often enjoyed the challenge of creating composition that have meaning when hung on the wall in any of the four "traditional" possibilities.

minimal, hi-tech Arp water near ricefield
...the view through the camera.

minimal, hi-tech Arp water near ricefield

minimal, hi-tech Arp water near ricefield

minimal, hi-tech Arp water near ricefield

2. Hi-tech minimalist tanguy...

3. Does the Golden Ratio matter anymore?

4. Fibonacci Numbers?

5. Depth of Field as a tool of expression

6. Exposure as a tool of creative expression

7. Sometimes a good idea to listen to what the artist has to say....

8. je ne sais quoi...

9. The Zone System

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