To find out what nownownow is about, visit! Now I am working on my unicorn AR startup. Now I am working on my AR presentations and workshops in Hong Kong. Hello! A short update for now, November 26, 2017. This is my focus NOW. I am an American who has experienced Life mainly in Asia, in the areas of art, television production, music, fine art and commercial photography, food, VR and gaming. I am now combining these experiences and writing books, creating a new portfolio of visual works and finalizing business plans for two startups one VR-based, one AR-based. I am especially keen to communicate with Unity or Daydream/Android 7.1 people, as well as literary agents, publishers or anyone who has an interest in anything I do. If I can help anyone in any of the above areas just ask. Or if you just have a question or want to say hi or meet for a meal or just Skype... get in touch! Now I am in Kuala Lumpur. I am very excited about Bubiko Foodtour! Always looking for ways to make another 360 "VR" movie like Beach Road, or be involved with another virtual project like SPOKEN. MUSIC! I have done everything a band member can do except play an instrument! Lee Wen/Seasons Without Seasons. This series of interviews may be of interest. 3how! (Derek Sivers is connected to this post in more ways than one!) As for my books, I will be happy to send a free ebook to anyone who requests one. If the titles interest you, check for more info on the internet or click here. The Agaricus blazei Murrill Notebook Obama Search Words On Seng Poh Road Tiong Bahru Blue Furikake Contact With Shadow Bus Stopping i ate tiong bahru (a best seller in Singapore)

The classic coffee mug reborn with a glassy pop art, postmodern touch

Bali Wave Ghost red dot SAD (rdS uses as Amazon as a base for crowdfunding.) Something Something About VR (the name keeps changing but the contests are essays about VR, AR, digital cinematography and related topics.Some essays are elsewhere on Touching JB (finishing late in 2017) Tiong Bahru Mouth (2018. images, stories and essays)

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  1. Stephen, your background and insight i are very intresting! I will be contacting you shortly regarding samples of your work. I would be especially interested in The Obama title…maybe one more.

    Clayton J. Waston
    Waston and Remington INC.

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