Bubiko Alphabet I Spy/Oakbub AR Homelearning game

The ARphabet I SPY game is simpler than Oakbub. Here is the idea:

Make an alphabet with Bubiko!

Have fun! Please share your results. Would love to see what you come up with! To get your free Bubiko, email bubikofoodtour #at# gmail.com


Bubiko on Instagram.

Bubiko 3D realized by Novaby.

Facebook Spark realization by Flamingo Filter



Bubiko discovered a citrus sinensis!

Oakbub: a learning game in which plants and animals are labeled with their scientific Latin names.

Materials needed:

  • phone with camera + Facebook app
  • free download of Bubiko files

(to get files email:bubikoworldtour (AT) g mail

PROCEDURE: once app is loaded, point the camera and position Bubiko. Take a picture and add text. Save.

  • Can be used as a recess activity.
  • Science lesson (why do we use Latin names? What is a species? etc.)
  • Art, language and geography lessons as well.
  • The app used has been used and tested millions of times.

I have been working on ideas like this for a while, but now with schools being closed, I want to get the idea out there, even though lesson plans are not formalized.

Bubiko Foodtour's Unusual Guide to Augmented Reality on Amazon

I have taught 3D game making and creative writing in Singapore; and in Japan, I taught English. Since 2016, I have been involved with AR (Augmented Reality) and have spoken about it worldwide, twice at MIT. I also have active careers as a writer, video maker, producer and artist.

Stephen Black's first presentation at MIT, in 2019.

Bubiko was co-developed by Stephen Black and Sayuri Okayama. The 3D version of Bubiko was realized by Novaby.

Why is it called Oakbub?

I input 'Bubiko Latin' into an anagram generator. One result was 'oak bub I lint'. I liked Oakbub!

Bubiko on Instagram.

Your thoughts and questions are welcomed. I know you are busy, and so I will revamp this page and include more lesson plan ideas.


Stephen Black

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