drumstick and cymbal

Pecha Kucha Notes

The following slides were presented in Singapore at a Pecha Kucha night held at Canvas on July 15, 2015. I would like to thank Jon Seigel and all of the Pecha Kucha team for giving me the opportunity to talk about what I do. Steve.001 I value your time. The next slide has three great ideas/tips. Cameras ready?Steve.002 Hi. I’m Stephen Black. A common internet name. Keywords will help you. UBERSUGGEST BOOK MERAH on Google+ TODDY Steve.003 Hot IT startup. Like Youtube plus Second Life. Great! But the boss died. I briefly discuss the CDK in this post, which I wrote when I was first starting to learn about VR. Steve.004 VOICE OF PIECES______ Thousands made, thousands thrown out. Purity remains. A Voice of Pieces event in Bali. Steve.005 Negatives and slides Art lessons from long ago. My life is like film.
drumstick and cymbal
the act of drumming portrayed in a closeup, low tech stark manner
Cat Hope Video, Cyril Wong, etc. 3how on youtube Steve.007 Text with Michael Lee. Butter buildings, failure, fun. S Biennale Steve.008 Appropriation; Joe the Diver’s work photos. My art is not mine. Steve.009 Amith, me and friends. Music, theatre, CDs. Three hours on Wednesday. Steve.010 Stories: food, people World War II, Art Deco, life I Ate Tiong Bahru Steve.011 Stars, waves and children. Trees, dresses and mealtimes lost. Constant tsunami. Steve.012 My father sells books. Guided by their strength always; started writing them. Steve.013 Red Ang Ku kueh Identity and culture; neighborhood thumbprint. Steve.014 GELATO Art of gelato The smooth canvas melts quickly Delicious mistakes THE MOST DELICIOUS "CANVAS" IN SINGAPORE Steve.015 GRAND STOP Hawkeye crates, Brooklyn. Installation: huffers and animal metal. Steve.016 UNLOCKING WITH EARS My band in New York. Hong Kong, Tokyo, Scorgies. Unlocking with ears. Steve.017 SPOKEN Eugene Soh: builder. Me: curator. Wild mix of artists and writers. Steve.018 Drones, VR, AR. 360, phones and 4K Glass algorithms BLOG POST ABOUT THIS PROJECT( the name of the book has since changed) Steve.019 Book: Bali Wave Ghost A bombing in paradise. Reality surfs. BLOG POST ABOUT BALI WAVE GHOST Steve.020 (1) 360 VR Hiverlab, music and fish Beach Road: a short film BLOG POST ABOUT BEACH ROAD

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