Penestanan Images (sketches with camera)…Bali, Ubud

I have been very fortunate to stay in Penestanan, especially while I was completing Bali Wave Ghost. These images will eventually become prints, possibly a book or exhibition. If you are interested in the images, follow this blog or follow me on Facebook or twitter. Or, simply send me a message.
I use the word "sketches@ here because the images will be technically improved when it comes time to make prints. To color correct and adjust an image requires a lot of time and ideally, should be done after doing tests with the printer. I would really enjoy working on prints with Samuel Chia again...

I will be adding more...

Penastanan by Stephen Black

Penastanan by Stephen Black

intuitive flow sunrise web

mural 2 men on bike web

mural boy on bike web

mural gaijin man walking web

Nyoman by field web

Nyoman from above hand web

orange arcs black and white checks_web

orange construction circle clouds web

orange stripe house scene web version

penastanan steps dark statue web

rizal house penasatanan 283_closeup dragonfruit rambutan

rizal house penasatanan 299_wall sayuri

tulip dragon house web

two girls monkey mural web

wall straw hat worker cropped web
rizal house penasatanan 214_butterfly take 2 bw

More images of Penestanan here.

2 Responses to Penestanan Images (sketches with camera)…Bali, Ubud

  1. Excellent visual sketeches of Penestanan Stephen.

  2. Excellent visual sketches of Penestanan Stephen.

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