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Publishing as a Discourse Marker

From Wikipedia: In Practical English Usage, Michael Swan defines a discourse marker as "a word or expression which shows the connection between what is being said and the wider context". For him, a discourse marker is something that either connects a sentence to what comes before or after, or indicates a speaker's attitude to what he is saying. He gives three examples: on the other hand; frankly; as a matter of fact.[5] Ian McCormick's The Art of Connection[6] outlines nine classes of connectives based on their purpose: to provide a sense of where something is in relation to something else; to supply a sense of when something is happening; to compare two ideas and express similarities; to contrast ideas English provides many examples to signal the notion of difference; to present additional or supplementary ideas; to indicate that a point in a discussion has been conceded or already taken into account; to demonstrate a sense of logical sequence; to offer an illustration or an example; to deliver a summary of the ideas discussed. McCormick points out that "FANBOYS" is mnemonic to recall co-ordinating conjunctions: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so. 5.30 – 7.00pm Publishing Independently What is the potential of self-initiated publications as a form of artistic collaboration? What are the benefits and pitfalls of self-publishing versus traditional publishing, and how does it contribute to the cultural field? This panel will explore recent developments in self-publishing and what necessitates these forms of independent production. Speakers: Ringo Bunoan (Philippines), artist and co-Founder, Art Book Philippines Savannah Gorton (Germany/Denmark), curator and co-Founder, Friends with Books Beatrix Pang (Hong Kong), Founder, Small Tune Press Moderated by Shubigi Rao (India/Singapore), artist woo hoo Stephen Black (yep) artist, writer and Founder Book Merah

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