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March 2019…. It's tough to find time to properly update this post. For now, here is the video of my presentation at ARIA/MIT, as well as an interview at SXSW. Stay tuned for news regarding Bubiko Foodtour's collaboration with Novaby and UARexplorer.

January 2019. AR, books and the Mango Sticky Rice Experience! Starting with a talk at ARIA/MIT, the ARphabet Tour begins!

December 2018: AR, 360 Movie and startup info... click here

Stephen Black is an artist, photographer, videomaker, producer and writer who has lived in Singapore, NYC, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong and Bali. This link, somewhat outdated, represents his relationships with art, writing and visual media: http://www.scribd.com/doc/116627575/Open-Letter-to-creatives-in-all-areas-including-fine-art-theatre-music-gaming-film-fashion-television-editorial-publishing-and-photography

HELLO,.. the following needs to be updated! Kindly check my most recent blog posts to find out about my AR, art and writing activities. THANKS. SB PS Bubiko Foodtour says hi.

As of March 1 2016, his current projects include:

Bali Wave Ghost, a novel with a visual art component. Other SB books include: Obama Search Words, I Ate Tiong Bahru, Contact With Shadow and Furikake.

SPOKEN, a virtual exhibition which SB curated, for gallery.sg, the virtual gallery created by Eugene Soh.

Bali Wave Ghost, a novel being prepared for printing in late October.

Beach Road a 360 VR co-produced and written by SB.

Book Merah, established by SB in 2007, is an incubator for the book and art projects of Stephen Black. Book Merah is on twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Also online is The Riverwalk Session, a music project co-produced by SB.



I once tried to fund a project on Kickstarter ( http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/contact/love-loss-and-history-in-singapore-plus-some-ink-a/posts?page=3  ).  At that time I created the following...



href="http://www.placesinfrance.com/musee_de_la_vie_romantique.html" target="_blank"



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  1. Hi. This is Ayuo. Remember me from Tokyo. I’d like to get in touch, if you see this.

  2. Love the colors on the site. Oh, well, your writing is superior too.

  3. Hi Stephen,

    I hate to be an Indian giver but I just realised I will need the passes I gave you yesterday for more events later this week so I will need them back.

    Actually I only need them for two events tomorrow so you can have them back again for the rest of the festival if you want.

    Please let me know where and when I can pick them up either later today or tomorrow (Tuesday 8 Nov).

    My HP is 9754 1092



  4. Can’t find your email address Stephen but this is mine. darrylgoh@artuch.com.sg

    Have a good one.

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  6. Hi not sure if you will get this in time but it’s Zack with Palchemist the augmented chemistry assistant. I’d be happy to meet up and talk more I’ve left my email.

    Talk soon,

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