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SB Projects at the start of the Year of the Monkey (February 2016)

the rest of this post is outdated. Look here:

I Ate Tiong Bahru 2

Yes, the sequel to I Ate Tiong Bahru has been one of the projects simmering on the back burner...It is very very likely I will do a Publishizer project once I examine all the pieces that are nearly in place.(I SET IT UP AND THIS IS THE LINK!) Once concern is that many of the people who seem to have enjoyed the original book are of an age and lifestyle that don't involve Paypal and that sort of thing. Plus, with the sequel, I'd really like to connect with those who may be comfortable speaking in a Chinese dialect. Any thoughts are welcomed! priest painting the sky

I Ate Tiong Bahru Audiobook

Really...this could go live any day! IT DID NAD IS ONLINE! ArtReview Asia review of IATBcover of Artreview Asia Voicemaps I have Tiong Bahru mapped out, as well as Bali, Yangon and a surprise or two.

Bali Wave Ghost After three years+ of doing the starving artist thing,it's time to work on the net net and synergize so as to secure maximum ROI. Bali Wave Ghost in a Periplus bookstore

SPOKEN SPOKEN needs to increase its really is an incredible piece of work:a virtual gallery built by Eugene Soh and filled with contributions from an extremely diverse collectino of artists and writers.

two male avatars in a very red gallery
Stephen Black and Eugene Soh offering guests a drink in the virtual lobby of, the location for the SPOKEN exhibition

INSEIN I recently spent almost ten days in Yangon. I created images with a digital camera. I would like to exhibit them and create a book.The images use Yangon as a starting point... airline map sing to Rangoon

I Ate LaPhet Thoke Conceptual art meets culinary research. A booklet co-created with Sayuri Okayama. IMG_3604 la phet thoke in styrofoam w Joe 19th st Beach Road This 360VR movie also needs to find a bigger audience.

360 video still from Beach Road
The Independent Archive in Singapore

Towards a New Cinematography Have been thinking a lot and soon will put pen to paper, digital style.


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