9:12 PM, June 6: Kovan Hub. Jiak Muay by Malvina Tan-Dhanaraj

Malvina Tan-Dhanaraj with fellow artist Dorcas Ng, posing in Jiak Muay, Malvina' performance art piece.

from harngfoong on Pixstar: I’m very fortunate to be part of @cellophaned’s performance art piece titled: “jiak muay”. (Partly cos there was no one there) but I enjoyed very much the idea of conversations between several races through food. The comforting idea of porridge brings about choices made by people and their definition for comfort. Lastly, I love how we both try to think how to end the performance. Hahaha! Do drop by bang bang wonderland at Kovan hub! Many collaborative artworks with residents and artists and their definition of home and surroundings.

With Jiak Muay, Singaporean artist Malvina Tan-Dhanaraj created the food and atmosphere of a family meal of Teochew porridge.

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