Secret Donut World: a deck of 52 playing words

Did you ever get the feeling that the story's too damn real.. and in the present tense... ..and that everybody's on the stage and it seems like you're the only person sitting in the audience? Jethro Tull, Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Day

OK.. It is very likely that you are here because of a  SlideShare deck, one that has only 52 words!You obviously enjoy and understand the importance of fun and games. THANK YOU.

This post is a brief introduction to myself, David Severn and the story behind Secret Donut World.

To introduce David Severn is easy. David (Dr.7 as I call him), is a British artist and illustrator, whose work has appeared in international publications of all kinds as well as galleries great and small, including the tiny, tatami-floored art space I co-founded in Tokyo a few decades ago. David's strengths include storytelling and the ability to create characters that are strikingly original, yet feel like old friends. David is based in Tokyo and his website is here:

To introduce myself thoroughly would take quite a few paragraphs. I have been based in Singapore since 2002 and have lived in Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Manhattan and Bali. From 2002-2007, I worked on a 3D game creation software (CDK) as a producer/creative director and later used it to teach a great variety of students: from Malay schoolchildren to university-age programmers in Yangoon to Singaporean senior citizens. I am also a visual and conceptual artist, and have  great deal of experience in the music business, both recording projects and concerts.

In 2007, while waiting for mobile technology to stabilize and the VR ecosystem to become mainstream, I began writing books, one of which, i ate tiong bahru, became a bestseller. I am now working on a book called Cinematography 8.0:light, color and motion in the age of VR, AR, AI, CG and Drones. I have written scripts, theatre pieces and studied with Robert McKee both in a weekend long auditorium class and an invitation-only three day workshop.

Beach Road: a co-produced with Hiverlab, I wrote, starred in and helped structure the editing and audio. Beach Road was featured in the 2015 Brisbane Film Festival and nominated for Best Experimental Film at the 206 Las Vegas VR Fest.

SPOKEN Located within a virtual gallery built by The Dude, Eugene Soh, SPOKEN features a diverse collection of artists and writers curated by myself.

Together, David and I have created Secret Donut World, which is a collection of characters, assets, animations and environments that, from the very beginning were created with VR in mind. We have ideas for stories, games, haptic experiences, movies(3D, 360 and 2D) and amusing experiences which do not have yet names. (Angry Birds and Job Simulator were difficult to accurately describe before they were made. Once made of course, they seemed obvious.)

We look forward to speaking with those experienced with character and IP licensing as well anyone interested in the storytelling/moviemaking possibilities of VR and 360.

2017 is The Year of the Donut, a great time to get our characters and ideas out into the world!. Thank you for your interest. Drop me a line at bookmerah16 at mark g mail dot com to discuss any of this and learn more about our latest adventures. You can be among the first to sample Secret Donut World.


Stephen Black

PS.I recently attended the  Asia VR: VR Content: The Making of and the Asia VR/ HTC Vive One Day VR Development Bootcamp. This week are two more events, one by Eon and the other by IBM. Next week the Singapore Media Festival starts. Attendance at these events allows us to show the possibilities between the latest technologies and Secret Donut World.

PPS. Yes, the featured image for this post is the cover of a  book, Flame Magnet, by Stephen Black. The image is a pencil sketch of Lance, one of the characters in Secret Donut World.

PPS I should mention that I have in various capacities for companies like CNN, MTV, France 2, Fox, Fuji TV, Cartoon Network  and Turner Classic Movies.

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