SPOKEN (virtual art gallery and writing project)

Table of Contents Welcome!.......SPOKEN  Press Release, Introduction,Photos and Videos Books and Music by SPOKEN artists and writers Nhung Walsh's Book Artwork Recommendations Policebird Stuff and more (David Severn writes) SPOKEN Artists SPOKEN Curatorial approach, notes on VR and art, + SPOKEN Images SPOKEN Comments and Questions SPOKEN Darkness SPOKEN Word artists (contributing writers) SPOKEN: Musical free association/portraits of the artists SPOKEN Design SPOKEN Eugene Soh/Stephen Black open notebook SPOKEN Gallery+ Finalized text + VIDEOS SPOKEN Machinima short film   Steve and Eugene In gallerysg square crop   Stephen Black and Eugene Soh standing in the flooded basement of gallery.sg. A new virtual gallery is being built specifically for Spoken, based on the traditional white cube gallery, the Hawkeye Crates Art Space in Brooklyn and original concepts by Eugene Soh. Welcome... It is now July 2 and aspects of this project are becoming clarified. However, for the next 24 hours, if you click though on some of the following links, you may experience some detours, gaps where information should be and other signs of digital construction. Spoken will be a completely new and easy to use virtual gallery filled with 25 images by an eclectic and dynamic range of artists. Curated by Stephen Black and Eugene Soh, the artists in the gallery.sg project include  Stelarc, Morimura, Vincent Leow as well as unknowns and established artists like Michael Lee and Hans Lagner. Additionally, artist/writer Stephen Black will be creating text pieces. The gallery space itself will be a showcase of artist  Eugene Soh's experiments and original concepts with virtual reality. Eugene Soh is a pioneering web artist based in Singapore. Here is his first version of gallery.sg.Eugene's website, dude.sg is dudetastic: check it out! Artist/writer/producer  Stephen Black's relationship with 3D virtual worlds is explained here. Spoken refers to the deceptively simple fact that a curator has spoken to the artist; the exhibition is lightheartedly  phonocentric at heart The voice is the privileged medium of communication. -Jacques Derrida  

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