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book cover of sparse and stylish  text

Friedrich Nietzche, Susan Cain, John Berger, Alps Bethneck and many others.

Don Quixote and the Windmill

Inside Chaos, a book by Yeşim Ağaoğlu.

Info on Chaos and Yeşim Ağaoğlu's other books here.

Two copies of Chaos by Yeşim Ağaoğlu.

"In this work I tried to present in an ironic way the chaos and difficulties of young artists’ experiences.
Most of the situations, which I tried to explain in this work, are mine or my friends’ real experiences in my own country."

Digified Russian man on cover of Japanese book

Bunin's vision: Literature of Image by Kinuyo Miagawa


Christophe Charles :white space music

Christophe Charles' music and descriptions of that music. Click to listen.

Human with robotic arm throwing a ball

Monograph on Stelarc and his work by MIT Press


minimalist book cover

“… I Ate Tiong Bahru, your exquisite ‘lyrical documentary’ on Tiong Bahru,  gave me many hours of pure pleasure…
I wish I’d read it before visiting the estate, and still in Singapore so I would be able to go there again.
It’s in Paris that I read it, and followed all your descriptions and encounters, street by street, on my detailed map of Singapore… I loved your book.”

ebook available on Jellybooks

soft cover available through Books Actually

search this blog for reviews of IATB and other books by Stephen Black

Woman with book


CD design

Roy Chan's design experimentation for the cover of Tommy J's album inspired by the art and artists of SPOKEN. The list of artists and writers is incomplete and inaccurate. Follow this blog for information on when the music will be available, including how to get the free soundscape for SPOKEN. Follow Tommy J's music and travel adventures on Google+


Astrance: a cookbook with an elegant cover

In this beautiful cookbook Pascal Barbot, one of the most reputed and internationally-acclaimed French chefs, reveals his concept of cooking in the restaurant he created with Christophe Rohat in 2000: the three-star Michelin restaurant L'Astrance.

Barbot's "narrative recipes" are completed by texts by Chihiro Masui.  For each menu she gives her tasting impressions that serve as an introduction for the dishes presented in the book. More information on Amazon.

More food-related books by Chihiro Masui to be added.


Beautalism by Kembra Pfahler


Kenji Bertheau Suzuki sculpture on book cover










・書籍の販売については、従来の直販サイト(KATZ SELECT)だけではなく、


第1号の発行となる「マヨネーズ・ディシプリン」が、明日7月2日にKATZ SELECTにて発売となります。

書籍名:マヨネーズ・ディシプリン discipline de mayonnaise

7月2日時点での販売:KATZ SELECT

dark space, clouds Eno and then so clear

Analogie segrete legano assieme le più remote parti della Natura, come l’atmosfera di un mattino d’estate è pervasa di innumerevoli sottilissimi fili, che vanno in ogni direzione, svelati dai raggi del sole nascente.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Benvenuti nella mia casa virtuale, un non-luogo che assorbe volentieri gran parte del mio tempo libero. Branoalcollo, oltre a essere l’anagramma del mio nome e cognome, è un blog letterario nato una domenica di fine agosto del 2010, strutturato prevalentemente come rivisitazione di classici della narrativa e della poesia, senza la pedanteria accademica, faccio del mio meglio.
Aggiornato religiosamente ogni lunedì, raccoglie una miscellanea di scritti, divisi in varie categorie, stralci dei miei nuovi lavori, traduzioni, riflessioni, considerazioni sparse. Ci sono anche alcuni capitoli delle due auto-fiction che ho pubblicato in formato digitale nel dicembre 2010, Tipota e Bisticci.
Per il blog Cartaresistente ho scritto nel 2013 dieci articoli su Venezia, illustrati da Davide Lorenzon, legati al progetto sulle Città raccontate (per leggerli basta cliccare sulla colonna delle categorie, qui a destra).
Il 19 Giugno 2013, ho inaugurato una nuova serie, “Le Interviste Possibili”, spazio creativo riservato al talento delle persone che intervisto (in ordine di pubblicazione sempre nella sezione delle categorie), pubblicate non a caso il mercoledì.

Branoalcollo's blog

Hope for Earth:mushrooms

Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World is the sixth book written by American mycologist Paul Stamets. In Mycelium Running, Stamets explores the use and applications of fungi in bioremediation—a practice called mycoremediation.

man in suit holding abook

How many books has Norm Black been involved with? To find out we'd have to ask all of the Ohio school librarians of the past forty years.It's safe to say that the majority of school libraries in Ohio have at least one book that was selected because of Norm and the Guardian Book Company.

the letter A and pages

Pages from the Ellipsis journal, edited by Kimberly Shen and Kelly Thomas


ellipsis journal is looking for submissions that are all about the letter "B". Whether it is a short story exploring being, notes onbitter tastes, a musical score inspired by biometrics or visual work responding to the banal, the journal is open to all ideas and interpretations.

Submission deadline: Wednesday 29th October 2014

Visit us at for further information about ellipsis, a list of "B" words to help you get started and information on how to make a submission.



ellipsis journal is an encyclopedic project that focuses on ideas that may normally be omitted or unheard. We celebrate the unusual and encourage taking a new approach to old ideas. By using one letter per issue as a theme, we hope to open up a discourse of multiple ideas and voices, creating a tangible collection of written and visual thoughts.

Fancy a copy of Issue A? Purchase yours online or at our stockists in Singapore and the UK.

W E B:
E M A I L:
F A C E B O O K:
T W I T T E R:

geometric design on book cover

Access by Xu Xi

review of Access on Cha   Access on Amazon

futuristic book design for Lagos 2060

Lagos 2060,: short sci-fi stories about Lagos' 100th year of independence. Authors include Chiagozie Fred Nwonwu, Ayodele Arigbabu and Kofo Akib,

Cover of Vincent Leow's book

Singapore Contemporary Artists: Vincent Leow
(Soft cover, 139 pages)
Retail Price: $30.00
ISBN: 978-981-08-6693-8
The Singapore Contemporary Artists Series documents and provides critical commentary on the practice of significant contemporary artists from Singapore. Enlarging discourse and scholarship on contemporary art, it introduces the vibrant contemporary art scene in Singapore. Vincent Leow is the first book in this series, documenting and charting the artist’s career through essays and personal responses from artists, curators and art historians on his key works.

Available here.

"The Road To Which I Came," New Tanka by Setsuko Hiratsuka, drawings by Ken Hiratsuka, English translation by Gloria McLean Hiratsuka. Published November 2011 by Bungeisha, Japan

"The Road To Which I Came," New Tanka by Setsuko Hiratsuka,
drawings by Ken Hiratsuka, English translation by Gloria McLean Hiratsuka.
Published November 2011 by Bungeisha, Japan

available here

ken Hiratsuka illustration, Setsuko Hiratsuka tanka

Setsuko Hiratsuka: tanka, Ken Hiratsuka: art

found collage man and nature


A spoken and written review of  The Blue Fox.

crawling into a big mouth

The cover of a free download of music by Margaret Explosion. Paul Dodd plays drums. ME has a 45 vinyl record and oh so much more here.

Cartoon of a fox getting a suntan

Illustration from My Everyday Marseille: The Film Photographs by Rachel Minn Lee
You can follow Rachel on Twitter (@geekySG) or visit her online at (Film image to be posted soon)


beautalism Kembra Canvas

Cover of book produced by Deitch Projects, Kathy Grayson. 2009

Mila:Javanese Life, Balinese Kitchen

Mila, one of Bali's most celebrated chefs, shares memories of Javanese village life and the recipes for more than fifty of her most popular dishes. Photographs of food and the countryside of Central Java enrich the reading experience.In-depth analysis of Javanese cuisine and short biographical vignettes make Mila: Javanese Life, Balinese Kitchen a must for anyone interested in learning about and enjoying the charms of a little-known side of Indonesia.Not just a book, but a warm invitation from a charming chef and hostess.
- Twenty vegetarian recipes, plus over thirty traditional recipes using meat, fish and seafood. Also:desserts, drinks, snacks and more.
-Vignettes about Mila's childhood in Central Java
- Easy to understand instructions and ideas for substituting hard-to-find ingredients, plus tips.

Art Direction: Stephen Black

Mila's Warung

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