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A virtual gallery project by Eugene Soh and Stephen Black, Spoken features an eclectic range of artists, including Stelarc, Yasumasa Morimura,Vincent Leow, Christophe Charles and Hans Lagner. Spoken refers to the idea that the curators have spoken to all of the artists, a simple but profound starting point. Documentary writing, flash fiction and metafiction are an important part of Spoken. The exhibition is also the location for He in Spoken, a short machinima film now in preproduction.

ICON Martell Eugene

Note: we are pleased to announce that Eugene Soh is a nominee in the ICON de Martell Cordon Bleu 2014, one of Singapore's most highly regarded photography competitions. This will result in some postponement of the September release, though the text, machinima and internet-related aspects will continue as planned. Eugene's photography work is now on display in Singapore:

About Eugene Soh: A recent graduate of Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design and Media, is recognized as being a pioneer in the Singapore Web Art movement. The Last Kopitiam, Eugene's update of The Last Supper, has been very well received and exemplifies his light-hearted approach to art. The Future Audience: Eugene Soh at [email protected]< Steve and Eugene In gallerysg square crop Eugene Soh and Stephen Black at the Web Art Show at[/caption]

About Stephen Black

After graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology, began a journey through art, Asia and writing. In Tokyo he worked with butoh dancers, including Kazuo Ono. In Hong Kong he produced promotional videos for Cartoon Network and Turner Classic movies. Art, writing and life experiences in New York and Paris; in 2002, he began working with virtual reality in Singapore. Books by Stephen Black include Obama Search Words, Furikake, Bus Stopping and I Ate Tiong Bahru. Contact With Shadow is becoming unglued. 

Contact With Shadow on Unglue

Overview mindmap

Interior of Gallery, work in progress
Interior of Gallery, work in progress. A gif  artwork by Paul Periera and a painting from the Crime Faces series by Paul Dodd.

-An original concept by Eugene Soh, is unique and entertaining.

-Visitors can easily walk through the gallery and chat with each other.

- Pop up displays provide information about the artists and artworks

- Inspired by the Hawkeye Crates Art Space in Brooklyn, the virtual gallery features numerous architectural details as well as a few surprises.

- the artworks are the starting point for the layout and the gallery is being created specifically for them. Lighting and information displays are dedicated to each individual artwork.

-The artworks are available for sale, prices upon request.

Note: Spoken will be in a completely new space at, which is presently hosting the Web Art show.

How Eugene Soh and Stephen Black met:

List of artists:

Arleen Schloss

Mel Araneta

span style="color: #333333;">David Black

(No internet presence)

Stephen Black

Christophe Charles

Display at Unearthed Exhibition at Singapore Art museum An example of art by the Psychogeographical Society
Detail from "Here Lies the River" by Debbie Ding, on display as part of the Unearthed Exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum.

Debbie Ding

Paul Dodd Paintings: Blog: Free downloadable music:

Andrés García-Peñaés_García-Peña

Morvarid K

Godwin Koay

Hans Lagner

Michael Lee

Vincent Leow

David Severn

Eugene Soh


Lily Su

Liqing Xue

Morimura Yasumasa


Anyone, especially journalists, are welcome to send questions to bookmerah(at)


Depending on test results and feedback I will either continue with this document or start another, hopefully improved, version.



Click here for a list of the artists in SPOKEN, as well as information about them.

SPOKEN open notebook. Click here for email extracts and notes from behind the scenes.
SPOKEN is a project by Eugene Soh and Stephen Black, combining a virtual gallery, a book project and the works of an exciting and eclectic mix of known and emerging artists.

The site of SPOKEN is On display at the moment is The Web Art Show, featuring Singaporean artists. (The present gallery will be completely reconstructed for SPOKEN.)

SPOKEN  references  the fact that one or both of the curators  have spoken to the artists.

Short stories, essays and text related to SPOKEN: click here. Besides being a virtual gallery, SPOKEN  is a book project that combines fact and fiction to present conversations the curators have had with the artists in the exhibition. Online right now are two works-in-progress, a story about meeting Robert Rauschenberg and one about meeting Michael Lee. Note this is a work-in-progress and the texts have not been proofread.
Virtual Art galleries in Singapore, article by Gwen Pew, TimeOut  July 3, 2014 This went up on the morning of  July 1... For now, here is Eugene Soh's TEDx talk about the audience of the future.... and Stephen Black's TEDx talk about words and technology... with spontaneous performances and music.

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