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Avatar inside of art gallery

That heart by aww.... is that from the man himself?

From an email from Andric Tham, producer ofJUMPTHECUT (9:34 AM, July 23, 2014.At the time of writing, AT unaware the contents of his email would be shared.) I guess the only feedback I have is that it feels rather like a novelty. 
That Second Life has fallen out favor for things like Twitter is because people don’t really want virtual reality. They already have reality reality, and reality sucks, and technology was supposed to make it better somehow.
Of course doing something like that requires you to suspend your disbelief to some extent. And I’m not trying to say that this sucks. It’s great, what you’re doing, bringing art and tech together. It’s something I believe in.
But the medium is ill suited for art. There’s a lot of “chrome” in the interaction which makes it distracting (hence a novelty).
If museums elevate art, VR has a potential to “de-elevate” it, if you’re not careful. For the viewer, if not for the artist. It puts too much in between the art and the viewer, and for what reason?
The idea of tech and art coming together is to make art more accessible to people, which I feel is still yet to be achieved.
That’s just what I feel though. I think the artists are a great bunch though, from the looks of it!
Jeff Koons balloon dog in game

Talking about Oculus and art on a floating ballon dog.


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  1. Kudos to Eugene and Stephen for this trippy experience! There will always be something surreal, moving around in a virtual world, talking to people across borders around digitised art. Here’s a digitisation of a digitisation. A Spoken Gif courtesy of slave.sg


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  2. It was great fun to meet the hosts, Steve and Eugene, at their gallery. I had a glass of red wine and they showed me around the gallery. They have put together an interesting exhibition of many different artists’ work, which I am happy to be a part of. Then I jumped up on top of the large balloon dog floating high above and admired the view of the island.

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