ello artwork

SPOKEN Stephen Black’s Notes October 5, 2014

ello artwork
Screenshot from ello featuring a poem by Yesim Agaoglu and a vase being dropped

October 5, 2014

SPOKEN launched without a hitch. At least no one has written to us with a complaint. Ironically, Stelarc, the cyberartist, mentioned that his keyboard arrow keys did not allow him to enter into the gallery. Also, I am sure that some people were discouraged by the initial download/plug-in. Fortunately, those that attend the opening seemed to enjoy themselves and there a number of SPOKEN screenshots floating about on Facebook and elsewhere. Some of the images that I thought are particularly remarkable are here.

Publicity, networking and professionalism. I am very far from perfect, but I do realize that this is the digital age. The internet always wants you to start a project yesterday. At least twice this week I have had to interact with "brains" whose response time is from the era when people mailed letters. Opportunities were lost. And even if I am not perceiving things correctly, isn't it at least proper form to acknowledge an important, time sensitive email?

Being positive, those within SPOKEN are beginning to understand that this isn't just an exhibition with a creative writing component. SPOKEN is still defining itself...

SPOKEN is transgenerational. The first voice I heard in the gallery, during testing, was Eugene's four year old nephew.My father, who is eighty, is one of the writers. SPOKEN is transnational. The participants are from Lagos, Hong Kong, Manhattan,Australia and other countries. FWIW, as I write this Eugene is in Rwanda.

While researching SPOKEN related topics, I discovered Creative Applications. Wow!I also found out about the Kikk Festival. Wow Again! It was especially nice to learn about the [Distortion Field]. SPOKEN may be cobbled together, but its spirit is in tune with the sleek hi-tech symposium that was [Distortion Field].I have highlighted the words and phrases below.

The event’s objective is to facilitate a productive ‘scenius’ that nurtures creative intersections, exchanges and networks between practitioners in art, media, performance, design and technology. To do this, the event aims to become an incubator for dialogue, feedback and response in diverse media working with internationally recognized practitioners from different fields. New technologies whether mechanical, biological, chemical or electronic are playing a major role in shaping contemporary digital art production. Unfortunately the discussion related to how this work is communicated often remains in the dark. Whereas “interactive” is commonly applied to “new” digital art production, is most cases these systems are simple, responsive or reactive. 「Distortion Field」 aims to reveal more complex feedback systems where the audience is an active participant and a contributor in both the experience and dissemination of work. Whereas we once thought of artistic practice mainly concerned with the production of objects, whether this be a piece of music, a painting or a sculpture, they are now increasingly seen as vehicles that deliver multitude of outputs in digital media. The 「Distortion Field」 describes the effect of audience's participation upon artist's intention, the opportunity for audience collaboration within new media creations, and the professional framing of artworks through curation and documentation.

-Filip Visnjic, Editor-in-Chief of CreativeApplications.Net


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