Stephen Black: Voice of Pieces, Le Mayeur Museum, Bali

On May 3, 4 and 5, Stephen Black will be at the Le Mayeur Museum, from 8AM-4PM. Note: the museum charges a 10,000 rupiah entrance fee. There is no other charge. Hello and thank you for your interest. This link takes you to reviews about Stephen Black's latest book, I Ate Tiong Bahru. He is currently concluding his next book, Bali Wave Ghost. More about Stephen Black: here. So what will it be like during the three days? Relaxing. Nothing much will happen. The museum itself is a dreamlike time capsule of Bali in the last century.Le Mayeur and his Balinese wife lived here, surrounded by Balinese art and the paintings of Le Mayeur. Black will be sitting outside in a small pavilion, converting useless scraps of paper into an art project called Voice of Pieces. Books and photobooks will be available to read and look through. Perhaps we can think of the event as a casual response to the seriousness of this. If you bring a camera, Black will be happy to take your photo.The museum is full of greenery, flowers and stone carvings. Even if it rains, the atmosphere is very pleasant. It would be nice to see you. Thanks for your interest! If you would like a free ebook copy of I Ate Tiong Bahru, click here. LaMeuyer base sb text final A SIMILAR, PREVIOUS EVENT This link takes you to the TripAdvisor page about the Le Mayeur Museum. Wikipedia entry about the painter and his wife. The entrance to the museum is near the boardwalk along the north part of Sanur beach, just south of Jl Hang Tuah. You will probably have to ask people as there are no big signs. This hotel is nearby: Diwangkara Holiday Villa, address: Jalan Hangtuah No. 54 Le Mayeur SB writing at the bar photo by Marian Maximum

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