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3how (music/improvisation/art/Singapore)

Click here to listen to tracks from The Riverwalk Session CD by 3how. Hello...yes, the administration/digital paperwork is nonstop. There are 3how posts scattered about and I will eventually condense them here... eventually. Here are some 3how videos.   A small post, the first about 3how.
More of a conceptual idea than a band, 3how was born out of collaborations between musicians andartists in a pursuit of sounds that are beautiful and fresh, transcending the barriers of genre.
was first discussed and planned by Amith Narayan and Stephen Black in Singapore in 2008. It was initially meant to be part musical performance, part performance art and part cabaret. On any given night, the idea was for a temporary collective of artists, musicians and enthusiastic individuals to meetand spend time developing ideas from scratch that would later be performed. The emphasis was to find moments of creativity rather than creating a complete and polished piece.
3how  is to be always dynamic and extremely versatile with a revolving cast of contributors and collaborators. After about four years of creating different
3how  events, it was decided that a formalized structure would allow musicians and artists to better understand 3how, with the goal of duplicating 3hows worldwide. The 3how  Manifesto was then created during the summer of 2012, based oncontributions from other collaborators. As of October 2012, current 3how  collaborators include Amith Narayan, Stephen Black, Wilson GohJustin Bannister, Siva Saravanan and Curtis King. Past collaborators include Mel Araneta (Philippines), Bani Hayikal (Singapore), Banyari Band (a travelling gypsy band from Japan), Dave Daranjo (USA), Roman Tarasov (Russia/Singapore), John Banta  (USA), Terence Lau (Singapore) and several others from different parts of the world.
A 3how event aims to create situations in which music and art can be created within asupportive environment, where improvised ideas can be developed freely and spontaneously 
3how is not a band; it is a revolving group of contributors and co-collaborators 
Every performance should have at least one non-musical member (for e.g. dancer, artist, bellydancer, pyrotechnician) 
Each performance is to be unique; no piece should ever be repeated in the same style 
Every performance should feature songs/compositions either created impromptu on the spot or within 48 hours of such performance
Each musician should play more than one instrument during each performance 
Each musician and performer should have a turn to initiate and develop a musical piece 
Covers of songs are allowed, but such a Cover song
shall be reinterpreted in a way that’s never
been done before and without rehearsals(for example, covering a song impromtowhich a few
collaborators don’t know should be
a simple 3how exercise.) 
Thisis a growing list of rules which might change from time to time
The first 3how event was held on
December 23, 2008 in an unused printer’s office.
Surrounded by officefurniture and printing machines, Amith Narayan was first joined by singer Wilson Goh and then by theBanyari band. The Banyari band is a group of travelling Japanese musical gypsies. Stephen Black haddiscovered them playing on the street earlier that day and invited them to join the session. The sessionlasted until dawn and featured improvisations on guitar, ukulele, mouth harp, percussion instruments of various types and a Mohan Veena and words were sung in Japanese, English and even Sanskrit.Watch the Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4sNb-TYyps Every 3how performance since then has been unique in terms of personnel and location. Venues haveincluded restaurants, abandoned buildings, book shops and clothing warehouses. In 2010 and 2011,3how performed at the Lit Up Festivals, presenting a combination of spoken word and music in 2010
and in 2011 premiering a “rock opera” called
Big Homer 
Big Homer, based on a book by Stephen Black, was also performed at Singapore’s Substation, as part of the Singapore Night Festival in 2011. In addition to Amith Narayan, personnel have included Bani Haykal (clarinet and maui xaphoon), MelArenata (nose flutes and noise generators), John Banta-Windsor (flute), Valerie Wee (vocals), Jun (videoart) and the Wiing Liu Py Dance Group. A 3how recording session occurred on June 22, 2011 at the SAE studios in Singapore where Amith Narayan, Wilson Goh, Bani Haykal and Curtis King not only met as a group for the first time, they began recording live with no preparation. The resulting Riverwalk Session, a collection of 14 compositionsnearly all of which are on-the-spot improvisations. This album was released in July 2012.Listen to this: http://www.facebook.com/3howriverwalksession/app_2405167945