ARphabet tour

happy Smartboard Scene

The ARphabet Tour: Toledo

The ARphabet Tour is fully explained here. Three presentations on three different days. Self-publishing, mango sticky rice, and of course, AR, augmented reality. AR apps demonstrated: Leo AR  ARtivive Despite the challenging weather, a number of friends, family and curious people made it to the presentations. A new recipe for mango sticky rice was created, …

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Green Bean Boy and other AR characters

ARphabet Tour: Toledo, Ohio

Stephen Black, writer, producer and Toledo native, returns to his hometown to talk about Augmented Reality (AR). AR is a new technology now making an impact upon education, art, medicine, industry and entertainment. The presentation is for a general audience (including children) and is based upon the best of Stephen’s presentations from universities across Southeast …

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China's Silicon Valley

ARphabet Tour: Indiegogo Introductory video notes

All of the sections of the ARphabet Tour are explained here. Notes for the video introducing the ARphabet Tour on Indiegogo. Location: Boulevard of Houqian Bei Stephen Black standing in the heart of China’s Silicon Valley, holding the 2018 laminated pamphlet of Bubiko Orwell Tour highlights. Like this test: Points to cover: 2002: After years …

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