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FOODHACK! HK Poly June 15-17

EELCOIN! (The foodhack was a weekend full of hard work and hope. I was on a team with Beeno, Ann, Sayuri and Kerong. We worked and ate amongst talented people who shared ideas and experiences related to fixing global food challenges.)

Welcome HK Foodhackers!

My name is Stephen Black and I have worked with food as an artist, as a photographer, a videomaker and someone with an interest in AR. Following are introductions to some of my food-related projects, including books.

Bubiko Foodtour is on her way to becoming an AR superstar! This week I just concluded workshops and presentations about AR, here at HK Poly.

Presentations and workshops by Stephen Black

Bubiko Foodtour is on Instagram.

A summary of the AR presentations at HK Poly

My experiences on a permaculture farm in Bali.

I am an unofficial representative for sustainable organic coffee and tea from Northern Thailand.


photography as part of book cover design

Furikake: japanese rice seasonings. Food-related short stories.


A national bestseller in Singapore

i ate tiong bahru on Goodreads.

i ate tiong bahru on Amazon

i ate tiong bahru audiobook

Check Amazon for other food-related books by Stephen Black.

And this book features a protagonist who is an amateur chef specializing in molecular cuisine.

The Baby Steps of Bubiko Foodtour

UPDATE: http://www.blacksteps.tv/bubiko-foodtour-update-august-23-2017/



A lot has been happening since this was posted. For example, Bubiko went to the Penang Food Festival in KL.

Bubiko's Instagram is here. Twitter. This past weekend SD(Suitcase Delicious) and I began serious work on the Bubiko Foodtour blog. For now we are using an iPhone and a toy doll, but plans for an original character are underway. Initially we are focusing on the food of Southeast Asia. The posts are entertaining and informative. Augmented reality and 3D animation ideas are also being discussed and refined. For now, we are developing ways to offer value to fans of Bubiko. A new website with a store is being planned. The Bubiko Foodtour blog is here.

a meal of bitter gourd soup

bitter gourd soup

A list of Bubiko's blog posts can be found here.

Bubiko Foodtour on Instagram

Gelato/Slide show test

Experimenting with Google Slides...later I may add music to this. Maybe text. Yes, in some of these images the intent is to convey information beautifully. However, in a few of these, as well as in future images, I hope that something more is portrayed. Food has soul.

Tables of Adventure, Woe and Joy

If you have followed even a small portion of the trail I have created on the internet, you will see that there are a number of detours and half-finished roads. Despite appearances, work is being done on all of them.   With this post I am jotting down notes about food, as an experience and as artwork. The most concrete example of my food/art projects is probably the thumb kway project which was the result of my involvement with the Open House project. Recently I have been rediscovering my past experiences with all types of food, reinterpreting them as algorithm-related data, settings for performance art and also as elements/influences upon my writing. Related: I Ate Tiong Bahru, Furikake, Lina Adams Food/Singaporean Performance Art History, Melvina Tan's  Jiak Muay Eventually I will add photos, links, a structure and more, but for now, the following is what it is... My Mom -A great cook. Christmas, carrot cake on my birthday (lemon glaze). The carrot cake article in Kurashi No Techo. Bill O'Reilly once mentioned my mom's lasagna on national television. My mom cooked for the sisters who lived in the convent near Regina Coeli School. My dad Oyster stew. Turtle soup. Buying Pinconning cheese on the way to up north. Ma Wilson's cured hams. Driving at sunset to the Moose Lodge for an all you can eat fish fry, driving back on very dark country roads, my brother and I in the back seat with very very full stomachs. Catching bluegills, bass and pike, my mom cooking them. My cousin Denny throwing pepper at me, got some in my eye. Gramma Black's pie made from bananas, Grampa Black: Raisin Bran for breakfast. I tried to make a cake once and added a cup of vinegar instead a cup of water. I worked at Pizza Inn. Doug, before he died telling me about one summer weekend we got a pizza to go from King Cole's or something like that. We both remembered the place, but couldn't  remember the name. He used to work at Ponderosa. Bob Hartman, the summer that Elvis Presley died. We caught salmon off the southern coast of Washington State, ate them hours later. I learned what Pinot Chardonnay was. Rochester NY,RIT Cafeteria food and then trying to experience the egg rolls of every Chinese restaurant in the city. Buffalo wings and PacMan. Toronto: Birthday cake, Iggy Pop and leaving Chinese food on the bus; something in oyster sauce. NYC Pizza slices. The Polish restaurant before Faculty Party played. The Ukraine restaurant. Cous cous at Carl's(?), eating with Arleen at the unexpected dinner with the Ecuadorean family that lived above the No Se No. Thanksgiving Party on the Bowery, driving back to Brooklyn in Ben's classic Volvo after Indian food on 5th street: the Brooklyn Bridge with Frank Sinatra playing. The meals cooked in the basement of a flat on the Lower east Side and running out at midnight to get Haagen Daasz,Paella and canolis. The Spanish food artist. Eating and cooking spaghetti with a friend in the last stages of life with AIDS. He had introduced me to Japanese food and the magic of clear soup. Tokyo Revolving sushi counters.The coffee shop in the middle of pine trees and rice fields that sheltered us and our bicycles from a thunderstorm so big and dense it turned the afternoon into night. Selfies taken with flash and film,the ice sculptures they made behind the Hilton in Shinjuku, nearly every meal a visual composition. The feasts of food, sake and good company at Miagawas. The food experiences in Miharu and Fukushima... The cooking culture of Obama, Japan. Tsukiji market with the three star sushi chef, fugu with the 3 star French chef, takoyaki with my daughter and running out to buy her yakimoo when she should have been sleeping... Paris Berlin: the musician taking us to the gas station that became a restaurant. Munich. Frim Price Koelling, talking about art and our time in Seoul at the Olympics and Trio and movies with optimistic themes; the perfection of imperfection. Hong Kong Too much Peking duck, discovering a char siew fan place that impressed even my mainland Chinese friends. The little place near Hollywood Road where I would eat breakfast nearly every day. Brunei... the colorful cosmos of jungle fruits in the market, noodles with Masui-san at the water village Sevilla. Dinner at the El Bulli hacienda; "the best breakfast in the world" Achatz Handmade Pies! Joe and Burmese food, la phet, Peninsula Plaza Bali: La Bruschetta and barbecued baby pig, the variety of vegetarian restaurants and the Warung Java across the street Documentations Tippling Club, Secrets of Sushi by Kazuko and Chihiro Masui      

La Bruschetta in the Rainy Season