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Michael Lee, Fundamentally

Fundamentally, Michael Lee is not opposed to lists... 10. I now write about ML because our collaborations have been energetic and inspiring training grounds for projects like this upcoming one of mine. Having worked with ML, enabled this very different collaboration to be a smooth, furious delight. In what way, you may ask?  Even when his final concept is still being defined, Michael is professional and organized. Working with Michael forced me to define my skills, weaknesses and goals. 9. Text as art: National Columbarium of Singapore The Columbarium project allowed for a mixture of fact and fiction.The histories of destroyed Singaporean buildings and landmarks were combined with those of fictitious ones. 8. Text as art: Office Orchitect (2011 Singapore Biennale) involved extensive research in several areas to create a biography for a fictional architect named K.S. Wong. Wong brushed shoulders with Corbusier and was one of the co-winners of the competition to build The Palace of the Soviets. Although he enjoyed a rich and dynamic life abroad, his return to Singapore was dismal; he served coffee in his sister's kopitiam as the Japanese colonized Singapore... 7. The Artist, the Book, the Crowd. ML introduced me to the organizers of this exhibition 6. Corridors No.1 Solitude It is absurdly delightful to see the name of Alps Bethneck on such a serious book, along such names as John Berger and Friedrich Nietzsche. 5. International Art English With Office Orchitect and the piece in Corridors, I was able to have serious fun with International Art English. (When I am reunited with my hard disc, I will post extracts(as well as photos relevant to this post). Now, very often, when I see a terrible/great example of IAE, I recall snippets of what was written with/for ML . 4. Tiong Bahru. Thanks to ML, I was able to live in Tiong Bahru, an experience which led to two books. Again, when I am reunited with my hard disc, I will post extracts from an article that was written for Singapore Architect. The piece focused upon ML's 2011 Singapore Biennale piece and our "hearty breakfasts" at Tony's, where amidst the smells of kaya toast and mee pok, he held court and/or we brainstormed, argued, laughed, scribbled and planned. 3. Because of Michael Lee, my paintings/conceptual works have been shown in the National Museum of Singapore, the Esplanade and a will-always-remain secret underground art space. 2. Voice of Pieces. A secretive anti-art project over twenty years old made its public debut at the Abject Systems Show, curated by ML. In addition to exhibiting, there was a presentation on the history of VoP.  The connection between Furikake and the Abject show is made obvious here, on page 11. 1.The fun of Art Stage Singapore 2012 (page 18). Revision Exercise. The paradigms associated with positive and negative connotations and the resultant personal โ€”and by extension, architectural-- spaces, which by necessity interact to create what critics have labelled the razor's edge between snarkiness and sincerity are, in this post, readily apparent. It is in this spirit that I say Michael, my dear friend, I fundamentally created this list to express respect and thanks. Fundamentally, the fact that this list(besides existing as a self-referential intersection of paradigms and structures unto itself) is, arguably, intrinsically connected to the promotion of your works and mine is fundamentally unimportant. I hope, fundamentally, that we can join forces again. Your fundamental friend, Steve